Beyonce Pencils In Baby Deadline, “I Feel Like…Is The Ideal Age” [Video]

Beyonce Pencils In Baby Deadline, “I Feel Like…Is The Ideal Age” [Video]

With pregnancy rumors hitting her yearly, R&B superstar Beyonce has finally revealed the ideal time she hopes to have a baby.

According to the 29 year-old star, the time to have a baby is right around the corner.

“I always said I’d have a baby at 30,” she said in an interview. “I’m 29. But I also said I was going to retire at 30. I’m not retiring…Only God knows [when]…I feel like 30 is the ideal age, because you’re mature enough to know who you are and have your boundaries and your standards and not be afraid or too polite, but young enough to be a young woman. I’m so looking forward to it.” (“Piers Morgan”)

Last November, Beyonce discussed the frequency in media reporting her as pregnant.

“At this point, they say that I’ve been pregnant like eight times, so I am kind of used to it,” the 29-year-old singer said in an interview with The Associated Press. “I just hope that one day when I decide to be pregnant that people are happy for me. … One day hopefully I will be. It’s part of being a celebrity, I guess.” (Billboard)

Prior to Beyonce’s address, her husband/rapper Jay-Z previously expressed his frustrations with the pregnancy gossip.

Jay-Z has one (final) word (for now) on wife BeyoncĂ©’s possible pregnancy: No. “I really sit back and wonder when people are going to stop,” he said on Howard Stern‘s radio show Monday, when asked about the rumors by the show’s co-host Robin Quivers. “The day that happens, I don’t think Newsday is going to know before my grandmother.” The rapper, who is notorious for keeping mum on his personal life, added, “Everyone knows I’m married, I just don’t discuss it because it’s a part of my life that I’d rather keep private.” (CNN)

In light of the frequent gossip, SOHH recently hit up actor/comedian Nick Cannon to find out what advice he would give to Beyonce.

“Try not to focus on it,” Cannon told SOHH when asked what advice he could give celebrities like Beyonce and Amber Rose regarding pregnancy rumors. “Try to shut everybody out and just focus on your relationship because when you start to let outside influences in, that can only make things difficult. It’s hard enough dealing with your own personal situation and people don’t really take into consideration the lives that people actually have to live, let alone when you’re under a microscope, people will put a ticking clock on you. They’ll be like, ‘Yo, you gotta get pregnant.’ Most people don’t have to deal with that so you gotta be strong for each other because when you know you have the world looking over your shoulder, that can only intensify things.” (SOHH)

Check out Beyonce’s interview below:

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