Beyonce Keeps Jay-Z Grounded For X-Mas, “Christmas Is Just A Time To Relax W/ The Family”

Beyonce Keeps Jay-Z Grounded For X-Mas, “Christmas Is Just A Time To Relax W/ The Family”

Grammy-winning singer Beyonce Knowles-Carter is letting fans know Jay-Z will not be popping out at any surprise concerts this holiday and said televisions stay off for Christmas.

According to Bey, she will spend X-Mas with Hov and the rest of her family.

Mom-to-be Beyonce is laying down the law this holiday by forbidding family members from turning on the television. The singer, who is expecting her first child with rapper husband Jay-Z, wants to enjoy quality time with her relatives, without any interruptions. She tells Britain’s New! magazine, “I will be with family. Jay-Z and I are both so busy throughout the year that Christmas is just a time to relax with the family and count the many blessings in your life. Christmas Day is a no-TV zone. We just like to sit and talk together as a family.” (WTVQ)

On Christmas Eve, a report emerged online suggesting Jay put a decked out truck on his wishlist.

Jay-Z is known to be a car addict, even though he’s trashed luxury cars in the past, but the latest vehicle on his wish list is more for protection than luxury or sport. The well-known rapper is in the market for an armored Dartz Prombron, not to protect him against the onslaught of fans that undoubtedly shower him with attention on a daily basis, but more than likely to protect his bootylicious wife, Beyonce, and their unborn child. The Prombron is an armored SUV created by eccentric Latvian car maker Dartz that offers protection against AK-47s and rocket launchers. (Top Speed)

While Jay and Bey are home for the holiday, Atlanta rapper T.I. recently played the role of Santa Claus.

Christmas came early for the good folks in Atlanta. Rapper T.I. was flexin’ his yuletide spirit and dressed up like Santa Claus to pass out toys at his King Foundation 4th Annual Christmas Toy Giveaway last Tuesday (Dec. 20). T.I. gave thanks to his business associate Ms. Hannah Kang, Atlanta Hawks player Josh Smith, Athlete’s Foot and his own clothing company Akoo for coordinating and sponsoring the giveaway. (Pop Crush)

Expecting her first child soon, Beyonce recently responded to fake pregnancy rumors.

“You know, there are certain things that’s so far [from the truth], it doesn’t even upset you. My mother? She’s like, ‘Nobody’s talking about my grandbaby! My grandbaby’s not ever here yet. I’m like, ‘Calm down mom, it’s okay. It’s really silly.’ ‘I don’t like it!,’ and I’m like, ‘Calm down.’ So my mom is really protective and so is my sister. But I’m cool and it’s so ridiculous and over the top.” (“20/20″)

Check out some recent Beyonce footage below:

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