Beyoncé Goes All-Nude Everything, Flaunts Her Naked Goods

Beyoncé Goes All-Nude Everything, Flaunts Her Naked Goods

Grammy-winning singer Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is not afraid to let her body speak for itself and appears naked on the new cover of Flaunt magazine.

While Issue 127 drops later this month, an excerpt features Bey discussing an array of personal topics.

You have always carefully sculpted your image and controlled public access to your off-stage life. Is there anything to envy about stars who don’t care about safeguarding their private lives? I have chosen to keep certain aspects of my life private. But I also love sharing what makes me happy, especially through photography. One piece of clothing you own that you absolutely couldn’t live without? A white T-shirt. What’s up with gluten anyway? I’m okay with gluten. Sunday pizza is a must for me! What’s boring to you? Lack of creativity. A number of magazines list the top X number of ways to please your lover. Anything missing on these lists typically? If you have to read those lists, you’re already in trouble. (Flaunt)

The feature comes right on the heels of her husband Jay-Z speaking on their relationship in a Hot 97 radio interview.

“Right now, Bey has 100,000 amazing songs, just playing them. [What do we do?] Yeah, [we] dance to it in our socks!” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

Over the Fourth of July holiday, Bey used her personal Tumblr page to unload some new photos.

Sasha Fierce, indeed. Beyoncé kicked off the Fourth of July with a bang, celebrating Independence Day in patriotic shorts, a white tank top and red cat-rimmed shades. In photos the superstar crooner posted Friday on her Tumblr, Beyoncé strikes a hot pose, barefoot, in front of a baby blue Rolls Royce. The “Love on Top” singer also revealed other glimpses of how she and hubby Jay-Z spent the holiday, posting a picture of the hip-hop icon driving the car, and another photo of herself walking away from a helicopter as Jay-Z toted their daughter Blue Ivy in the background. And what did the family feast on for the Fourth? Slices of watermelon, corn on the cob and lobster tails, among other things, according to the photos on the “Love on Top” singer’s site. (E! Online)

Last month, Bey showed off her daughter and another photo rocking a bikini via her Instagram page.

In a (we have to say) supremely sweet new black-and-white photo posted to Mrs. Carter’s Instagram page, Beyoncé is reclining in what looks like a hot tub, cradling her nearly 1½-year-old daughter. The singer has reconstructed her Cuba look — hair piled on head (this time in a turban), oversized shades, chandelier earrings. Baby Blue Ivy sports stripes and a hair bow. Another vacation shot (it’s not known where the Carters are relaxing) shows the superstar leaning over in a bikini, a white cover-up billowing over top, her hair loose. She’s standing next to a cruiser of a bike. (USA Today)

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