Bernard Hopkins Reacts To Cam’ron’s Disses: “He’s Got Me Mixed Up W/ Somebody Else” [Video]

Bernard Hopkins Reacts To Cam’ron’s Disses: “He’s Got Me Mixed Up W/ Somebody Else” [Video]

Former boxing champion Bernard Hopkins has stepped forward to speak out on being targeted by Dipset leader Cam’ron on a new diss track called “Humphrey.”

When approached by a paparazzo this week, B-Hop downplayed the situation’s seriousness.

“It’d be a demo,” Hopkins said in an on-street interview when asked how long the fight would last. “It’d be a demo. It’d be a demo, man. [Why’s he want to fight?] I don’t know. He probably has me mixed up with somebody else. He’s probably got me mixed up with somebody else he wants to fight.” (TMZ Sports)

Last week, Hopkins appeared to initially respond to Cam’s challenge via Twitter but eventually erased the post.

Yes. That’s B-Hop, as in Bernard Hopkins. As in the former World Middleweight Boxing Champion. Cam’ron tells me he might actually get in the boxing ring and fight Hopkins sometime this year. For pay-per-view. Obviously. Is Cam intimidated by Philly’s former champ Hopkins? Well, the boxer is still in fighting form but he is 49 years old now and, as Cam puts it, hasn’t knocked anyone out since ’05. Oh, by the way… “Humphrey” is Bernard Hopkins’ middle name. UPDATE: Bernard Hopkins accepts Cam’s request, then shortly deleted the tweet. “I’m hearing @HOT97 @QDEEZYDOTCOM @CAM_CRIMEPAYS made a song about fighting me? I accept the fight!!” (Miss Info TV)

Cam took note of Hopkin’s erased tweet and called him out on it.

“Ayo @therealbhop why u erase ya tweet?? Don’t be pump faking!! Stay strong!! ????and spell my name right!!,” Cam wrote via Instagram January 30. (Cam’ron’s Instagram)

On Cam’s “Humphrey” A-Trak collaboration, he singles out the one-time boxing champion.

Dame said I’m bout it cuz I wanna fight B-Hop,” Cam raps. “I said I’ll f*ck him up after 2 months of detox./True. Besides that, 8 mill from Reebok,/I take him to the bar, Pa, that’s 33 shots…” (“Humphrey”)

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Check out “Humphrey”:

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