Benzino Gets “On Dat” W/ Redd Eyezz, “We Don’t Come Together To Do This For Show” [Audio]

Benzino Gets “On Dat” W/ Redd Eyezz, “We Don’t Come Together To Do This For Show” [Audio]

With the release of Benzino and rap newcomer Redd Eyezz‘s “I’m On Dat” track buzzing across the Internet, the Boston hip-hop veteran gives SOHH the inside scoop on the song’s message.

While proud of his New England roots, Zino said the record is inspired by a small Haitian neighborhood in Miami.

“Shouts 2 Mac-A-Zoe, Black Dada, Gato and all my Haitians up in Boston,” Zino told SOHH in a statement referring to the song’s guest features. “There’s a lot of Haitians in Boston, believe that. This record is big, it’s representing [Miami’s] Little Haiti. I’ve been down here in Miami messing with everyone for a minute, we like Haitians and Zoe’s ourself now. We’ve been doing a lot of music together, messing with each other, but this song right here hits hard…We got a lot of stuff together, we going to be working on a lot of projects, we like a family.” (SOHH)

“I’m On Dat” collaborator Redd Eyezz also told SOHH about the song’s importance.

“Shouts to all the deportees and Mac-A-Zoe!,” Redd told SOHH via statement. “Expect a movement out of this. Mac-A-Zoe put a little verse on it — expect more from him, and expect more from your boy too. We don’t come together to do this for show, you can go back and check the archives if you see me doing a record with somebody, I just don’t do records with anyone, so if you see me working with someone that means I really mess with them, and with Zino, we knocking on almost ten years.” (SOHH)

While the record features multiple features, it is ultimately credited to Zino.

Benzino ft. Redd Eyez, Black Dada, Mac-A-Zoe & Gato – “I’m On Dat” This is a brand new Illa-produced joint from Benzino along with a cast of newcomers from his crew. (Baller Status)

Outside of his own music-making, Zino recently shared his thoughts on Dr. Dre and his “Kush” single.

“I’m not crazy about it, but it’s aight, keep it 100,” Zino said in an interview with Mikey T referring to Dre’s “Kush” single. “At the end of the day, I know it’s gonna be some sh*t on there that I am gonna be crazy over. Dre is one of the best to ever do it. Dre’s one of the pioneers of producers. Dre goes in too. Dre really is one of the perfecters of his craft — shout-out to the whole West Coast.” (“Mikey T The Movie Star”)

Check out “I’m On Dat” below:

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