Benzino Admits Faults In Eminem Beef: “I Had ‘The Source’ As A Platform & You Just Get Caught Up” [Video]

Benzino Admits Faults In Eminem Beef: “I Had ‘The Source’ As A Platform & You Just Get Caught Up” [Video]

Former Source Magazine co-owner Benzino has reflected on his past feud with Grammy-winning rapper Eminem and admitted he may have made some bad moves.

If given the opportunity, Zino said he would bury the hatchet face-to-face with Em.

“It’d be good if we would be able to really sit down and meet,” Zino said in an interview. “It’s not like we’ve ever really been in a room together, ever really met and never really talked about the situation. I mean, I’d be open to it — I understand that he’s a great influence on the culture. Thinking back, I probably could have did things differently. I had The Source as a platform, and you just get caught up and at the time, I was caught up.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Last year, he spoke to SOHH about Em’s popularity and downplayed their past conflict.

“I never met Eminem personally to have a personal issue beef with him. But all I’m saying is that he’s overrated. If he was black would he sell as many records as he does, would Rolling Stone say he’s the King of Hip Hop and would he be gettin’ all these opportunities? The people that run Hip Hop are trying to push [a certain] perception out there. How come all hell breaks loose when somebody says somethin’ about this kid? Hip Hop’s always been competitive, man. Its not that serious. How come when it comes down to this kid its a problem?” (SOHH Guest Star)

He also previously addressed his weakened image in light of the Em feud.

“I’m gonna tell you, I don’t want my legacy left as Benzino lost the battle to Eminem. I’m gonna end up going back at him,” Zino said in an interview. “I’ma tell you right now, and it’s gonna be different this time. I feel like a boxer, I wasn’t really in lyrical shape to battle him then. Now, I feel like I am…Really now, I can consider myself a lyricist. I play with syllables, I use different flows, so now, it’s gonna be different — It’s gonna be a whole different situation, because I’m going to be going at him with a lyrical mindset. Not just saying things, trying to point out certain things. 2012, you can expect it.” (Baller Status)

Back in 2009, the Boston-bred emcee dropped his “Good Fellaz” record aimed at Slim Shady’s head.

“I know them boys keep watching, they crowned me ‘King of Boston,'” Benzino raps. “F*ck that psychopath redneck, he history/Feed him to the piranhas, shoulda put him out his misery/Respect the legacy, they curl up when they mention me — I can’t be vibin’ with them n*ggas, that’s a dead issue/He wasn’t so official ’til I started f*cking with you/Too overrated, what I’m saying might be fraud to them/They bring that bacon to my house I have to Slaughter ‘em…” (“Good Fellaz”)

Check out Benzino’s interview below:

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