“Being That I Don’t Have A Penis, It’s Really Hard For Me To Be All Up In That”

“Being That I Don’t Have A Penis, It’s Really Hard For Me To Be All Up In That”

After making headlines last spring for getting signed to rap star Rick Ross‘ Maybach Music Group, Teedra Moses has opened up about feeling a little out-of-place on the hip-hop heavy roster.

Teedra said the lack of female artists on MMG has caused a bit of apprehension when traveling with the male members of the crew.

“I’m a girl, so therefore I’m not always in the mix of what they’re doing and I’m a singer. They always travel in the same circle whereas my hustle is in a different room. I hope it doesn’t bother him that I stick to myself, but I don’t think so…Sometimes I feel like I’m off to the side, but I don’t think they think much of it cause I’m not the only girl, there’s also Audra [The Rapper]. I’m going to be in New York in a few weeks and it’s going to be the first time that me and Audra first meet each other, so we’re trying to make our conglomerate cause we’re the only two girls. And I know that Meek, Wale, Pill and Ross are really close. Being that I don’t have a penis, it’s really hard for me to be all up in that.” (VIBE)

In April, Teedra credited Ross’ emphasis on allowing his team to be their unique selves as a strong quality that the MMG boss possesses.

“If they have wanted something else they wouldn’t have came for me. This is not a situation like most labels. What Rick Ross is trying to do is build a real label, not a rap group. He [Rick Ross] went out and got Wale. He’s not trying to have Wale do something different. There’s an audience that likes Wale. Stalley has an audience who likes him. Ross isn’t asking us to change or do something that we don’t already do. He’s picking artist that people cling to and he works that.” (Billboard)

She officially joined Ross’ growing roster in March.

In a very unexpected move, Rick Ross has signed soul singer Teedra Moses to his emerging conglomerate Maybach Music Group (Warner). The biggest boss has been snatching up a slew of rising rap stars and has officially inked his first female vocalist. Teedra mentioned she was working with them during a recent interview with Vibe, which I missed posting, you can check it out Here. The lioness was previously signed to indy label TVT Records, where she released 1 album, her critically acclaimed debut Complex Simplicity, before getting off the label prior to them going out of business. So, it seems the underrated crooner has a new home for her official sophomore album The Lioness. Could be a good move, but what do you think? [sic] (This Is RnB)

Last year, rap star 50 Cent talked about losing millions out of dollars, having spent them on trying to promote former female G-Unit member Olivia.

“Yeah, that was a loss,” Fif said about investing in Olivia’s G-Unit run. “The problem you get with female solo artists is they look, their game is really small. So they look at it and say, it’s Beyonce, Rihanna, Keyshia Cole but when you have an African American female solo artist, she sees where she fits immediately. Problem is, they spend financing like those artists at that point, having the set-up, the make-up artist, the stylist, those different things but when you don’t have a record that connects fast enough, you’ll accumulate a tab like a motherf*cker. And you look around like ‘You spent $2 million on this sh*t and have me compromising myself at certain times.’ See, I made sacrifices for other artists that I don’t think people acknowledge them. Don’t get f*cked up, when I’m doing the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ soundtrack, I know I’m supposed to be doing ‘I’ll Whip Your Head Boy,’ and I’m doing ‘If I Was Your Best Friend,’ because I’m already two million in the hole on the actual project. I already spent all this paper moving around doing all this other sh*t that I gotta keep that in a position where I can potentially sell it.” (All Hip Hop)

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