“Being Signed To G-Unit’s One Of The Most Amazing Things That’s Ever Happened To Me” [Video]

“Being Signed To G-Unit’s One Of The Most Amazing Things That’s Ever Happened To Me” [Video]

G-Unit’s DJ Pauly D recently discussed his status on the label 50 Cent built and how his boss’ upcoming Street King Immortal solo album sounds.

Paul described his Unit affiliation as one of his greatest achievements despite making a name for himself globally with touring and MTV’s “Jersey Shore” reality show.

“Working with 50 and being signed to G-Unit’s one of the most amazing things that’s ever happened in my life,” Pauly said in an interview. “50’s a great guy, he’s very hands-on in everything that he does and he’s very smart and just being signed to that record label, it’s like one big family. We all work together and [everyone’s] trying to make some great music. … A lot of people think once you come in to a record label and you’ve signed that record contract, you’ve made. That’s not the case. 50 told me when you sign that record deal, that’s when you start to work. That’s when your work begins. It’s almost like kindergarten all over again. So that’s true, it’s a lot of hard work. I heard a lot of 50’s new stuff and it’s banging. I like it, yeah. My dream collaboration in hip-hop would be probably Drake or Lil Wayne or something like that, it’d be dope.” (Rap-Up TV)

In summer 2012, the East Coast native delved into his bond with Curtis Jackson.

The DJ just so happens to be on Fif’s G-Note record label. So what makes Pauly and 50 Cent such besties? “When me and 50 met, it was like instant chemistry,” he explained. “Like, he gets me, I get him. You know what? We just have a bond. His business work ethic is just like mine. He’s a hustler his whole life, and so am I, and we just clicked.” (MTV)

Last winter, Pauly revealed his motivation for inking a deal to the rapper’s G-Unit company.

“[He] was always been a mentor to me because I always played his music my whole life,” Pauly D told radio hosts Cipha Sounds, Peter Rosenberg and K Foxx. “And just his whole, his work ethic and everything like that and I just respected his hustle from day one.” (Hot 97)

Recently, Dipset’s Jim Jones revealed the new “Harlem Shake” anthem originally had ties to him and Pauly.

“Well actually, that was record mine’s for like a year,” Jones revealed in an interview. “I had that record a year ago and I never, it was supposed to be for Pauly D’s album and we never did nothing with it so when I started to hear this ‘Harlem Shake’ and I heard the beat, I was like, ‘D*mn. I had that beat already for a year.’ So I just put the [remix] record out. Yeah. … I been had that record before anybody even thought about that record. It was a record for Pauly D’s album for ‘Jersey Shore.'” (“Jenny Boom Boom”)

Check out DJ Pauly D’s interview:

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