Before Dr. Phil Face-Off, DMX Proclaims “I Got A Big A** D**k & I Like To Show It” [Video]

Before Dr. Phil Face-Off, DMX Proclaims “I Got A Big A** D**k & I Like To Show It” [Video]

Former Ruff Ryders leader DMX has cleared the air on what motivated his recent decision to run naked through a hotel building and assured fans he is not going crazy.

After initially joking about why he streaked, X admitted it all came down to a dare.

“What do you mean what was I doing streaking? I got a big a** d*ck and I like to show it,” X told a photographer when asked about his recent hotel incident. “It was a dare, it was a dare. It was a dare. … I don’t have a parole officer.” (TMZ)

While some bloggers may worry X is suffering from mental sickness or worse, the rapper’s rep Domenick Nati recently revealed the entire incident was a joke.

“DMX was [at] a Detroit hotel with his DJ (DJ NonStop) and his road manager (Montana) before his performance with Eve and Lil Kim on August 31st. X and the team were killing time at the hotel before the concert and dared each other to streak in the hallway. No one was aware that security cameras were rolling and it was just a playful dare between friends.” (Statement)

The all-nude everything footage surfaced across the Internet last Monday (September 9).

Stop. Drop. Your pants. TMZ has obtained footage of DMX at a Detroit hotel last weekend … RUNNING NAKED LAPS AROUND THE HALLWAY … just because he felt like it. The footage begins with DMX walking around a hotel hallway in just his boxer shorts, socks and house arrest ankle bracelet … while a hotel employee removes room service from one of the rooms on the floor. All of the sudden, X ducks behind a corner with a mischievous grin on his face — drops his shorts — and launches into a full ass naked, dong-out sprint. (TMZ)

The platinum-selling rapper is reportedly set to appear on “The Dr. Phil” show tomorrow (September 16).

Earl “DMX” Simmons, the 42-year-old rapper, will appear on The Dr. Phil show, weeks after being caught running around a Detroit, Mich hotel room in the nude. DMX will sit with clinical psychologist turned talk show host Phil McGraw for an hour long interview. The rapper will speak about various aspects of his life including God which will be taped on Sept. 16. (Christian Post)

Check out DMX’s interview:

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