“Before 50 Cent, I Didn’t Really Have Any Big Features”

“Before 50 Cent, I Didn’t Really Have Any Big Features”

With his buzz continuing to grow with high-profile collaborations, West Coast rapper Mann recently spoke to SOHH about how his 50 Cent-assisted “Buzzin'” remix paved a road to even bigger co-signs.

Mann revealed one of the biggest pieces of advice Fif gave him to attain success in a growing music industry.

“Honestly, when I worked with 50, one thing he told me is that you have to control your own career,” Mann told SOHH. “You have to follow your heart and follow what you believe in because nobody’s going to believe in anything like you are. When I see Snoop and I see 50 and all the biggest artists, I see them handling their business. I see them handling what they have to do. They don’t wait on anybody. 50 hopped on my record. Nobody told 50 to hop on ‘Buzzin’ because it was a hot record. He had faith and hopped on it and he had the right idea. He makes his moves with his heart, he’s a real artist and that’s what I want to do. I want to be a real artist in an industry that moves and does what he wants to do because he can. They all inspire me, man.” (SOHH)

He also emphasized how significant Fif’s co-sign has been on his growing career.

“With 50 Cent, 50 was the first and so he’s the most special to me, he was one of the most influential artists to me,” Mann added. “He just hopped on the record. Before 50 Cent, I didn’t really have any big features that I was so excited about. I’m a hip-hop fan. [I’ve got friends], but a big, hip-hop powerhouse? That was a big deal so when 50 hopped on it, it was kinda like, wow. He opened my eyes. He showed me I’m doing something in the industry. Me and him are still cool to this day. After 50, I’ve worked with Snoop, I’ve worked with T-Pain. But it’s like, ‘I’ve worked with 50 Cent.’ You know what I’m saying?” (SOHH)

Their “Buzzin” remix flooded the Internet in fall 2010.

This sh*t is hot. It will certainly become one of the top songs of 2010. Mann raps how he is buzzin’ like a bee and about how the girlies love his swag, from his kicks to how he wears his hat. The song casts out its line with a massive hook and when it sinks into your skin, you are a goner and will get reeled in, because it’s so catchy and thumpin’. If this was released in the summer, you’d be rolling down the top and cranking this, but since it’s not the summer, you still have to crank “Buzzin” as loud as you can with the windows/top up! (Artist Direct)

Recently, Fif gave a speech and dished out one of his biggest business tips.

His number one business tip? “It’s really important that you be a good judge of character,” he insists.? Too many have become a cropper, he says, by having a business blind spot for friends or family. “If you look at the people you see on the actual Forbes list of the top 500 business leaders so many have previously been divorced,” he says. “So they have lost half of their income at some point – based on a friendship that didn’t work.” Perhaps that’s why he respectfully declined a student’s shouted offer of marriage. There is one match-up the newly registered boxing promoter wants to see though – the long-mooted contest between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. (7 Days In Dubai)

Check out the “Buzzin” music video below:

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