Beastie Boys Member On MCA’s Death, “I Don’t Believe Adam Was Afraid”

Beastie Boys Member On MCA’s Death, “I Don’t Believe Adam Was Afraid”

Beastie Boys member Adam Horovitz has stepped forward to publicly speak on the passing of Adam “MCA” Yauch and the likely mindset he had prior to his death.

Recalling their initial conversations when Yauch got diagnosed with cancer, Horovitz said he never considered his death a possibility.

“He said, “I’m gonna be okay.” He’s been right about most sh*t so far. So I believe him. You would get swept up in his excitement and positivity. We recorded a few months ago. It wasn’t any different from before. We spent more time making fart jokes and ordering food, which was true to form. That’s why it always took so long for us to put records out.” (Rolling Stone)

He also killed the notion MCA could not mentally handle his illness.

“I don’t believe Adam was afraid. Bummed out, yeah. But I can’t think when I ever saw him afraid. We got jumped in Brooklyn one time, so we’ve been afraid in that sense. But, man, he hadn’t been afraid in a long time. That gives me peace.” (Rolling Stone)

Earlier this month, the New York Senate paid homage to the late Beastie Boy.

The state senate passed a resolution on Tuesday “mourning the death of famed rapper and activist Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch,” writing that the Beastie Boys “exemplified New York” and helped rejuvenate the city during their influential early years. The statement continued by praising Yauch’s extracurricular activities, which included his pro-Tibet Milarepa Fund and the film distribution company Oscilloscope Laboratories. The late rapper was “a man of colossal talent and charisma,” the resolution stated. (Billboard)

Reports of MCA’s untimely death emerged online on May 4th.

Multiple media outlets are reporting this afternoon that New York native and Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch has died at the age of 47. Yauch, also known as “MCA”, had been in treatment for cancer. He was diagnosed in 2009 and was unable to attend The Beastie Boys induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. Yauch along with Mike Diamond and Adam Horowitz formed the brooklyn group in 1979. They are known for songs including “Fight for your right to party” “No Sleep ’til Brooklyn” and “Sabotage.” (New York 1)

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