Beanie Sigel’s Ex-Girl Exposes Drake, “He Is A Phenomenal ‘Peach Eater’ ” [Audio]

Beanie Sigel’s Ex-Girl Exposes Drake, “He Is A Phenomenal ‘Peach Eater’ ” [Audio]

“Bad Girls Club” star Catya aka Ms. Cat has stepped up to speak on her past relationship with Young Money’s Drake and said during their year-long union, they were in love.

Having met after landing a video vixen spot in Drizzy’s 2009 “Best I Ever Had” music video, Cat said they shared a close bond shortly after.

“I was in love, he was in love and by the way in the song he said he was in love, so don’t try to switch it up now,” she explained in an interview. “I never mentioned you, you mentioned me. It was good. I’m talking family dinners and we in Whole Foods pushing the cart around. It was a regular relationship. I was in love and he was in love but at the end of the day he started getting a little bit too loose. It’s a problem [when] you had the kind of relationship we had. That was my dude; it wasn’t somebody I was just kicking it with. If you were just kicking it, you can do what you wanna do but I was yours and you were mine. …. He is a phenomenal ‘peach eater’ and he is black and Jewish and the black side is Mandingo.” (Hot 107.9)

She also explained what ultimately tore them apart, making their split inevitable.

“Well, we broke up because I wanted to do the Bad Girls Club and that was a whole big issue too. I was like, ‘I have my own career and I need to move forward to and he was kind of like ‘I really don’t want you to go on there and embarrass me.’ I was like, ‘Well, you know my career is my career. You know you’re Drake and you’re cool but I need to be cool too. I can’t sit around and try to get pregnant by you and be a baby mama. I need to make a career for myself.'” (Hot 107.9)

Along with Drizzy, Cat has reportedly been romantically linked to Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel.

The 24-year-old Philadelphia native has appeared in King Magazine, Smooth Magazine, and various videos like Drake’s “Best I Ever Had,” Fabolous‘ “Throw it in the Bag,” and more. She is also known for dating Beanie Sigel and other celebrities whom she won’t name but she says make don’t be deceived her pretty face and taut hourglass frame because she isn’t afraid to scrap. “I’m just an honest laid back person and I live by my own rules and I do things the way I want to do them, but I will snatch a b*tch,” she tells VIBE. “But that’s only when I’m pushed.” (VIBE)

Last year, the Canadian rapper admitted his struggle with understanding love.

“I feel like I’ve said ‘I love you’ … but I don’t know if I understand it yet,” Drake says. “I write about it and I try and make sense of it, but I’m not really sure … I thought I would by now, but maybe it’s not meant for me to understand yet.” (PEOPLE)

Check out Cat’s interview below:

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