Beanie Sigel Says He Doesn’t Regret Jay-Z Disses Or 50 Cent Association: “You Can’t Take It Back”

Beanie Sigel Says He Doesn’t Regret Jay-Z Disses Or 50 Cent Association: “You Can’t Take It Back”

Incarcerated rapper Beanie Sigel recently discussed his past conflict with rap mogul Jay-Z and if he regretted trying to get a record contract with G-Unit’s 50 Cent.

Although Beans went at Young Hov publicly, the Philadelphia rapper said he has learned to live with regrets.

“I never hung out with 50 Cent. 50 Cent presented an opportunity for me. I played 50 some music, he liked a couple records. There was a record that I did that didn’t have a hook and he jumped on the hook. We had a couple meetings, it didn’t pan out. We didn’t see eye to eye on what those meetings was about,” he said in an interview prior to his current incarceration. “Jay got a song on Reasonable Doubt where he says, “You gotta learn to live with regrets.” You can’t take it back. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a present. Unwrap it and enjoy the gift, man.” (Complex)

Last summer, Sigel denied the notion 50 used him as a pawn to get at Jigga.

“50 don’t like Jay, Jay don’t like 50, 50 don’t like Puff [aka Diddy], Puff don’t like 50, Puff don’t like 50,” Beanie explained in an interview. “All of them talk, shake hands. Millionaires talk to millionaires at the end of the day. Millionaires talk millions, I don’t give a f*ck what you say. 50 used me how? I think 50 felt my position and where I was coming from and he sincerely wanted to help my situation but at the same time, he was doing things he had already had on his plate. So the situation we was doing just didn’t pan out yet and that was only because I was locked into a Def Jam contract and they didn’t have release papers or wouldn’t give me my release papers — that’s the only thing that slowed up that project.” (Forbez DVD)

Beans previously said he had a talk with Jay during his run as Def Jam president to become a free agent.

“I told him I had to roll. ‘If you can’t make that situation happen for me, I gotta leave. I gotta go,’ ” Beans said. “I asked him to just let me go — from Def Jam, not from Roc-A-Fella — because he was the president of Def Jam. ‘I want to leave Def Jam, I’m out. You’re the president, you can push that button. Let me get my release papers.’ — I went to Jay like, ‘Let me get this [record deal] situation,’ and he was like, ‘I can’t let you go.’ He was like, ‘No.’ He was like, ‘Nah, let me see what I could do.’ That ‘see what I could do’ turned into another two years.” (RapFix)

In 2009, 50 explained why he had no interest in rushing a G-Unit deal with Beans.

“I had a meeting with him today,” 50 said in an interview. “First we gotta start with the music — where’s the music? Then we have to get into what it would take to bring him over to G-Unit as a record company. You can’t sign a deal in a conversation — it’s a process. We’ll see what happens. I would listen to what he has. His skills haven’t diminished. Nine times out of 10, he’ll have something workable already on deck. When you’re dealing with artists who have been established longer than you, it’s a process. You have to figure out exactly where they are at before you commit to being a part of those projects, because they have habits and they’ve been conditioned for something different. You have to figure out exactly what that is before you dive in.” (MTV)

Check out a recent Beanie Sigel interview below:

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