Beanie Sigel Admits Crying During State Property Reunion, “I Didn’t Know How To Feel”

Beanie Sigel Admits Crying During State Property Reunion, “I Didn’t Know How To Feel”

Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel found himself lost in the moment last weekend by revealing his emotional reaction to being onstage during a long-awaited State Property reunion concert.

Sigel said he found himself lost for a moment while realigned with his SP family.

“The whole State Property was there, everybody: Chris, Neef, Oschino, Sparks, Freeway, Peedi Crakk and me, all seven of us. That was love,” Beans explained in an interview. “They all went out and I came out last. I was in the back. I didn’t know how to feel. I would cry for a minute, I was dancing, I was happy and then it was like, ‘My boys, man.’ … When we [first] got together, we had our meeting, our initial conversation about doing what we thought was necessary for us and for music, for everybody’s careers as State Property the group and solo careers.” (RapFix)

State Property reunited onstage during their Atlantic City concert last Saturday (July 2).

As anticipated, State Property reunited at Summerfest 2011 two nights ago. During the performance, Freeway gave a rendition of “Flipside” with Peedi Crakk and Beans performed “Beanie (Mack B*tch)” before the entire group reunited for “Roc the Mic.” (Hip Hop DX)

Prior to the big night, Sigel talked about coming together for a reunion.

“We’re in agreement on this. Everybody wanted to do their solo things and spread their wings and stand out on their own. Now, it’s just time,” said rapper Beanie Sigel, the head of Philadelphia-based State Property, Thursday at the stadium. “They (his fellow group members) have changed, and it’s puzzling to me. They got better. I think Peedi Crakk is a megastar. Chris from the Young Gunz is a megastar. They grew.” (Press of Atlantic City)

Last summer, Beanie Sigel hinted at plans to bring back SP.

“We about to set-up this motherf*cking State Property thing all the way across the map, man,” Beans said in an interview. “I’ma make the feds start watching n*ggas thinking it’s a f*cking gang or something. Nah, real sh*t, I want that sh*t that be like, I want to have a State Property family in every state, city, where I go. State Property Chicago, out here in Michigan all the way down to Atlanta, to the motherf*cking West Coast to Little Rock, Arkansas. Wherever it’s going down, getting busy at, I want State Property family there. Uh.” (Gun Rule TV)

Check out footage from the reunion below:

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