Bangladesh Calls Out Baby, “Those Young Money Artists Don’t Even Know They Not Getting Royalty Money”

Bangladesh Calls Out Baby, “Those Young Money Artists Don’t Even Know They Not Getting Royalty Money”

Producer Bangladesh has called out Cash Money Records’ Baby and said he is controlling Lil Wayne and the rapper’s Young Money artists.

According to Bang, Wayne is being controlled by the decisions of Birdman.

“This is why Manny Fresh don’t f*ck with [Cash Money] because he never got any royalty money,” he said in an interview. “That’s why Baby can go around flaunting this cash, because that’s everyone else’s money… It’s not even Wayne’s fault. Wayne is not getting money. He is given money, he’s not getting money. If Baby gets a million dollars he’ll buy Wayne a Phantom, but that’s in Cash Money’s name. That 14-bedroom mansion isn’t Wayne sh*t. That’s why he have his own company, because he was trying to leave Cash Money and the only thing that would keep him there was [if they] gave him his own thing. But Baby still controls that. All those Young Money artists don’t even know that they not getting royalty money.” (VIBE)

Last December, Baby compared Drake‘s status to Lil Wayne’s.

“Drake is already a superstar,” Baby explained in an interview. “That’s 20 years from now. Hopefully, he’ll be bigger. That’s what we’re striving for. We ain’t tripping. We’re working hard for him to be bigger than anyone else. We want the best for him. Now, I don’t see any top labels. I look around and see all those people who did it before me. To me, the labels, I don’t see no company with constant success with a clique. At some point, there was a lot of people doing this. It used to be crowded. I see a lot of people who have done it, and now don’t see them.” (Associated Press)

In addition to music, Baby reportedly runs his own oil and natural gas company.

“I’ve been in the oil business about 4 or 5 years now,” he revealed in an interview. “That’s something me and my brother decided to do outside of music. I read about oil a lot and I was able to get in business. [My company] is called [Bronald] Oil, and I’m making good money off that; that’s something for my kids and my kids’ kids. They can live off that money forever. I did a few different deals. That was just one of them. When you’re dealing with oil, you buy in different areas. Right now I’m active; I got pumps and sh*t that are getting money monthly. I like that oil sh*t. I’m gonna put some more time into it.” (Ozone Magazine)

Rumors began to spiral earlier this year of its authenticity after he covered his head’s oil drilling tattoo with a red star.

Rapper-turned-oil magnate Birdman (a.k.a Bryan “Baby” Williams) may have reneged on his and brother Slim’s (a.k.a. Ronald Williams) plans to start an oil company. The Cash Money Records founder was sighted with a new star tattoo on his skull that all but completely blocks out the inked-on “Bronald” logo taken as a symbol of his devotion to the endeavor. (Heating Oil)

Check out a recent Birdman interview down below:

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