Bang Em Smurf Fires Warning Shots At Mazaradi Fox, “Watch Your Mouth” [Video]

Bang Em Smurf Fires Warning Shots At Mazaradi Fox, “Watch Your Mouth” [Video]

Responding to recent disses made by G-Unit associate Mazaradi Fox, Bang Em Smurf has issued a warning to the rapper and labeled him as a federal informant.

Speaking via a video blog, Smurf addressed his differences with Fox, publicly threatening violence.

“There’s a lot of n*ggas talking reckless right now,” Smurf said in a video. “Fox, what’s up n*gga you old a** washed up ‘Earthworm Jim’ looking motherf*cker. You ever mention any n*gga in my team name again it’s going dow. Shout-out to the Boss, album in stores right now, make sure you pick that up…You know I’ll give it up, I lay that gun game down n*gga. But anyway, Fox man watch your mouth, we know you old washed up n*gga. You 75. You from the motherf*cking slave era, n*gga…You work for the Feds, what gangsta you know writes statements?” (World Star Hip Hop)

In addition to calling out Rick Ross and other rappers, Fox has recently been dissing Smurf in various interviews.

“You a coward,” Fox said about Smurf in an interview. “He knows they’re cowards. I seen the video [of him in Trinidad], he’s so far out the loop where he at down there that they v-necks is different. You saw how thin they were? Looked like they were hungry, real hungry down there. Ethiopian sh*t…They look hungry down there, they living in hut houses. I can get to Smurf right now.” (Get Low)

Smurf associate Domination recently granted Ross a “hood” pass to visit Queens, New York.

“Theres’ a lot of rumors on the Internet that I’m not supporting my boys,” Domination said in a video. “I support whatever move my n*gga do. Whatever movement my n*gga f*cking with is what I’m f*cking with, you hear me? If it’s Maybach Music, then that’s what it is, n*gga. We run Queens. If we want somebody to come through here, they gonna come through here. That’s how we feel about n*ggas talking ‘Oh n*ggas can’t come through’ type sh*t. N*ggas can come through here…I never turned my back on [Smurf], I’m here, Domination. (SOHH TV)

Fox previously warned Ross and his camp about traveling through his residing borough.

“I’m on Rick Ross’ a**,” Fox said in an interview. “Talking about he coming to Queens, you can’t come to Queens. I am Queens fat motherf*cker. We have nothing in common. I did eight years, you a cop. You watched n*ggas like me for eight years. He ain’t come to no Queens like that. He came to New York, he ain’t come to no f*cking Queens, you kidding me? N*gga did try to do some sh*t in Queens, got f*cking violated. Outside of that, I don’t appreciate n*ggas knowing he came to New York with his shirt off when the Biggie Smalls sh*t was going on. I don’t appreciate that sh*t at all. That’s not gangsta. Came out here woulda broke his f*cking a**hole, whooped the sh*t outta him.” (Potent TV)

Check out Bang Em Smurf speaking below:

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