Bang Bang Boogie Clears Air On Rick Ross Alliance, “Lord Tariq Went Up There On His Own Account” [Video]

Bang Bang Boogie Clears Air On Rick Ross Alliance, “Lord Tariq Went Up There On His Own Account” [Video]

Bang Bang Boogie frontman Mysonne has stepped forward to clarify rumors of his group joining Rick Ross‘ side in the 50 Cent beef after seeing fellow member Lord Tariq in the rapper’s latest music video.

Despite Tariq appearing in Ross’ “Jumpin’ Out Da Window” freestyle, Mysonne promises an alliance has not been formed.

“I know you been hearing all this sh*t, Bang Bang Boogie, Lord Tariq f*cking with Rick Ross and ain’t they signed to G-Unit,” Mysonne says in a video. “Lord Tariq went up there on his own account…N*ggas reached out like, ‘Rick Ross want n*ggas in the video’ and n*ggas said nah, we not gonna do that…The move that was wrongfully made does not represent Bang Bang Boogie…I got love for n*ggas in G-Unit. And I never had a problem with the n*gga Rick Ross.” (Real N*gga T.V. Volume 4)

Ross recently debuted his viral music video earlier this week showing a cameo by Tariq.

“All I do is get money with my Maybach click,” Ross raps, “Don’t be mad if she wanna suck my Maybach d*ck/ F*ck 50 Cent, I’ll ether that boy/ RIP send a reef to that boy/ I’m bustin’ out the window with a big gun.” (World Star Hip Hop)

Mysonne has been known for weighing in on controversial rap topics including his stance on T.I.‘s previous Crimestoppers commercial last fall.

“Any time a n*gga that advocates that he is the king, that he is the streets, that he is a trap star, that he glorified how he got here, that he grinded and he never did this and all this sh*t any time a n*gga do that and he get up here and make a Crime Stoppers commercial, them n*ggas made you sell your soul,” Mysonne said in a video. “The police utilized you. They took you and made you a motherf*cking tool.” (SOHH TV)

In an effort to find out how the rap beef between 50 and Ross has been playing out, SOHH performed a survey to get the fans’ stance.

In an SOHH survey, 71.74% of respondents said that they find the beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross entertaining. Despite the controversial tapes that found 50 Cent including Ross’ baby momma into the battle, an overwhelming majority of respondents (62.57%) think that 50 Cent is winning, 16.04% have Ross on top and 21.39% don’t think either rapper is winning the battle. (SOHH)

Check out Mysonne speaking on Bang Bang Boogie’s stance on the 50/Ross beef:

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