Ball ‘Til You Fall: Game Gets Crossed Over, Falls Flat At B-Ball Match [Video]

Ball ‘Til You Fall: Game Gets Crossed Over, Falls Flat At B-Ball Match [Video]

West Coast rapper Game has the Internet going nuts with footage of him suffering a sick crossover move at his California-based Drew League basketball game now surfacing.

Footage from the Los Angeles game landed online over the weekend.

From what we’ve seen before, rapper Game is a decent enough basketball player. However, the defensive struggle caught on video right here wipes away the respect he’s earned on the court, at least for a little while. Game was on defense in a Drew League game out in LA and damn near got shook out of his Nike LeBron 9s. Does anyone know who is the player that blessed the “Higher” rapper with the crossover fade? (Hip Hop Wired)

Last month, Game talked about wanting to take the Drew League national.

“I was such a menace growing up. I played basketball, but I had a bad vibe. I would fight or I would just get mad and play unruly when I was younger, so I promised Dino [Smiley] who’s been running this league for 35 years — longer than I’ve been alive, man — that if he let me in the league, that I would take it from something that was regional to something that was recognized in all 50 states and even overseas. He gave me opportunity, I reached out to my NBA buddies, and we made it happen. In the championship game, even Kobe came out, so I think it was a real good look. LeBron played. It’s a great league, man.” (ESPN’s The Playbook)

He also dished out what expecations he has for his two teams, Money Gang and California Republic.

“Last year, we lost in the championship to a team called L.A. Unified, which had Marcus Williams, who used to play for the Nets, and Bobby Brown, who plays for the Sacramento Kings. The only reason they won is because I had to go to Australia on tour toward the end of the season. I canceled about $600,000 worth of shows this year and I’m not touring this summer so that my team can win the Drew. I’m adamant about it. I’m staying here. I put together a team of monsters that are not even NBA-affiliated. Once DeMar finishes his obligation for the NBA with NBA Cares — him and Brandon Jennings — and Nick Young gets out of the playoffs, we’re gonna be a problem.” (ESPN’s The Playbook)

Started in the 1970’s, the Drew League has continued to gain support ever since.

Alvin Willis established the Drew League in 1973 with 6 teams. Willis believed this league could be a place for young men and women of South Central Los Angeles to learn life lessons through basketball. The Drew League’s goal was to help young people form meaningful relationships on the court that would spill over into the neighborhood, as well as build an institution that would bring top local high school, college, and pro players back to the community. As a long time friend and mentor to Dino Smiley, in 1985 Willis decided it was time to let Smiley have a shot at directing the league. By 1985 the league had grown from the original 6 teams to 10 teams. Today the league matches up 20 “invitation-only” teams to battle it out on the hardwood. (Drew League)

Check out the crossover footage below:

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