Bad News Brown Claims To Be Rap’s First Harmonica Artist, “I’m No Drake, Jay-Z [Or] Lil Wayne” [Video]

Bad News Brown Claims To Be Rap’s First Harmonica Artist, “I’m No Drake, Jay-Z [Or] Lil Wayne” [Video]

Rap newcomer Bad News Brown has stepped forward to declare himself as the first-ever hip-hop harmonica player.

With roots stemming from Haiti to Montreal, Canada, the artist recently described why he chose to take a unique and uncharted lane in hip-hop.

“I started out rapping and doing spoken word,” explained Brown in an interview. “I’m no Drake. I’m no Jay-Z. I’m no Lil Wayne. I knew that was the competition. For me to try to step in the ring and try to box with people of that caliber would be futile. It’s just not gonna happen. Certain people I knew in my own entourage, I couldn’t even beat on that level… I decided to step off the scene and do something in the background.” (The Boom Box)

Brown also said he found branding himself with a harmonica would be original.

“I started playing the harmonica for myself for fun, just to calm down and still play some hip-hop beats and quickly realized nobody was doing that,” he explained in an interview. “Everybody was starting to identify me with the harmonica. So I ran with it, the first songs that I did were instrumentals…” (Hip Hop Canada)

He has already opened up for rap stars including 50 Cent and Kanye West.

Starting out his music career on the streets of Montreal, Bad News Brown wanted something to make him stand out in the hip-hop world. He chose the harmonica as his weapon – an instrument he found united even the most different people. Today he is well on his way to establishing himself in hip-hop, after opening for such heavy-hitters as Snoop Dogg, Sean Paul, Kanye West and 50 Cent. (Watch MoJo)

Additional reports suggest he has worked with other artists including Common and Lloyd Banks.

He’s a Hip-Hop Harmonica Player, doing something very different by fusing different kinds of music together to create a new sound. That’s what hip-hop has always been about and know the marriage of Beats, Rhymes & the Harmonica is truly something amazing. He has performed on-stage with legends such as Nas, De La Soul, Cypress Hill, Ice-T, Aerosmith, The Eagles, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, NERD, Gym Class Heroes, Miri Ben Ari, Common, Lloyd Banks, Jadakiss, Ice Cube & many more. (Boxden)

Check out Bad News Brown’s “Reign” music video below:

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