Bad Boy Producer Justifies Bill O’Reilly’s Rap Rants, “He’s A Smart White Man” [Video]

Bad Boy Producer Justifies Bill O’Reilly’s Rap Rants, “He’s A Smart White Man” [Video]

Bad Boy producer Deric “D Dot” Angelettie recently discussed his views on controversial television host Bill O’Reilly and justified his rants against hip-hop.

Claiming O’Reilly attacks rap music due to its popularity, Dot also pointed out the ways criticism helps hip-hop.

“I love it [when he talks hip-hop],” Dot explained in an interview. “We need that. We need more Bill O’Reilly’s because all that’s gonna provide is more answers and more solutions. We ain’t always right in hip-hop, I ain’t sitting up here saying that hip-hop and rappers, everything we say is law and is actual factual. All I’m saying is that it’s an opinion and it has fact in it. And sometimes there’s fact with a little opinion. So I can’t knock Bill O’Reilly, that’s his opinion, go for it, go for yours. And that’s also publicity for him. Hip-Hop is generating a lot of money so why wouldn’t he attack it? He’s a smart white man, why wouldn’t he do that? Attack what’s hot. Why would he go attack country, rock? Or country music? Why? For what? (RockMe TV)

The host has been known to call out rappers like Snoop Dogg on an occasional basis.

Featured in O’Reilly’s “Pinheads and Patriots,” the host addressed Snoop’s video footage. “On the pinhead front, I think it’s time to put rapper Snoop Dogg in the ‘Pinhead Hall of Fame,’ he said. “Hopefully the president will deport the man…soon.” (The O’Reilly Factor)

He also lashed out against Eminem earlier this year for his spoof-based “We Made You” music video.

“Few Americans take the vile rapper Eminem seriously,” O’Reilly declared. “He represents the lowest form of entertainment in this country and is a publicity hound to boot. His attack on Sarah Palin, which is very crude, seems to be okay with the media…He’s just a, I’m not even gonna do that…It’s so crude what he does, kids see it, not adults. Nobody over 25 goes into this stuff…Eminem is obviously on an obscene rant about Sarah Palin, totally obscene, totally inappropriate, nothing good about it.” (World Star Hip Hop)

Both O’Reilly and comedian Dennis Miller previously took on Jay-Z and Young Jeezy for their pro-Barack Obama “My President Is Black” performance on Inauguration Night 2008.

“I don’t give a flying bleep what these two guys think,” Miller said. “I thought it was a beautiful day yesterday. If they couldn’t ratchet down the hate for a day, then that’s their problem not mine. And by the way, you’re looking at an obsolete model there because if the dinosaurs were done in by the asteroids, role models in the black community like that are about to be done in by a shooting star named Barack Obama.” (YouTube)

Check out D-Dot’s interview below:

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