Baby Says Lil Wayne’s “Carter IV” Is Fully Cocked, “This Album Has No Vocoder, He’s Back To Raw Rap”

Baby Says Lil Wayne’s “Carter IV” Is Fully Cocked, “This Album Has No Vocoder, He’s Back To Raw Rap”

Cash Money Records co-founder Baby has raised the bar for incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne‘s upcoming Carter IV album and said the LP will showcase his artist’s return to raw rap.

While known for using the popular Vocoder on numerous records in the past, Baby promised the album is auto-tune-free.

“Nothing we do is half-stepping or half-cocked. I think it’s a great album. To me, he’s switching back: This album has no Vocoder, he’s back to raw rap. He’s just rapping how he’s feeling. He’s a genius, so the music is always gonna be great. He wanted to put I Am Not a Human Being out to show people he’s always in the building. Every album we put out we’re going to do the most; we’re gonna go for it. We’re never gonna come half-cocked, you expect to see a lot, you gonna get a lot. It’s a great album.” (MTV)

The “Birdman” also briefly discussed Wayne’s determination when making music.

“He’s an addict, he’s a monster, he’s a beast,” Baby said of Wayne’s work ethic. “He loves what he does. He probably has thousands of songs, these probably are just the ones he picked [for the album]. This was the plan while he was gone: do a lot of videos and [put these records out] just to keep it poppin’ hard.” (MTV)

According to Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant, the rapper’s work ethic will force him back into the studio for post-jail records before Carter IV comes out.

What’s more, many of the tracks on Human Being, which Wayne cut before going to jail, were “approved” to be included on his hugely anticipated Tha Carter IV but will be released now so that Wayne can fill IV with new music instead. “I know once he got out [of jail] those songs would be so old to him,” Bryant explains. Bryant says the notoriously workaholic Wayne will immediately hit the studio once he gets released and that he will most likely release another mixtape of material before turning his attention to Tha Carter IV, which Bryant now estimates won’t hit stores until next year. “He’s going to probably start from scratch,” says Bryant. “I know how he records–he’s in the studio every single day. That’s his life.” (SPIN)

Earlier this month, Tha BiznessHenny talked with SOHH about submitting tracks for Carter IV.

“We ended up giving him another CD and on that CD, he recorded to like, 14 of the 18 joints that were on there. So, hopefully some of them go on Tha Carter IV and some of them like the “Getter” joint he did for Michael Phelps, but you never know. He stays working and we stay working. It might be more once he gets out or, you never know, there should be a couple on there.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Tha Carter IV is expected to be released in November 2010.

Check out Tha Bizness’ Dow Jones speaking on Tha Carter IV down below:

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