Baby Discusses Jim Jones & Cam’ron Reunion, “Dipset Came Up The Same Time As Us”

Baby Discusses Jim Jones & Cam’ron Reunion, “Dipset Came Up The Same Time As Us”

Cash Money Records’ Baby has shared his reaction to seeing Jim Jones and Cam’ron coming back together for a new Dipset movement.

From Baby’s perspective, hip-hop should be about unity at the end of the day.

“You know, Dipset came up the same time as us. Cam, Jimmy, that’s my family,” Baby says about Jim Jones and Cam’ron’s recent reunion. “For them to be together, that’s what it do, that’s what’s up. We making music and unity [and] that’s what I’m about.” (VIBE)

Jones has also promised fans a new Dipset album later this year.

“Me and Cam both got our own things going on, solo projects and label situations, but we going to put this Diplomat thing together real funky,” Jones promised in an interview. “That powerful music will be back at you. It should be a good Christmas stockingstuffer, but we’re going to heat it up like the summer.” (MTV)

Cam also said he has begun recording tracks with Jones once again.

“We working, everything is working,” he said. “Right now, we’re doing a couple of songs. We’re trying to get the business together. Right now we’re just doing music.” (MTV)

Over the weekend, Jones talked with SOHH about Dipset during his Converse Band of Ballers basketball tournament in Atlanta.

“Nah, I love [Diplomatic Immunity questions]. Ask me some more. We comin’ to kill. You heard me? I don’t know what been going on in the rap game but I know what’s about to go on in the rap game. Shouts to Killa, shouts to Juelz, shouts to Freekey Zeekey. Dipset ‘fo life. Holla at us. Yes [a deal] is [on the table]. Where the money at? Nah, its never about money ’cause we got money but we want more money so who got the money? Who got the mottz?” (SOHH)

Check out recent Jim Jones footage below:

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