Baby Defends Lil Wayne “Mafia” Kiss, “If He Was Here I’d Kiss Him Again” [Video]

Baby Defends Lil Wayne “Mafia” Kiss, “If He Was Here I’d Kiss Him Again” [Video]

Cash Money Records co-founder Baby recently defended his public displays of affection for Lil Wayne–including kisses on the mouth–which has become a long-running controversy within the hip-hop community.

Talking with radio personality Tim Westwood, the Birdman justified his symbolic expression with Weezy.

“That’s my son, ya heard me,” he explained. “If he was right here, I’d kiss him again. I kiss my daughter, my other son, I mean, you have children? Well, if you did you’d understand what I meant with it. I just think people took that too far man. That’s my son. I’ll do it again tomorrow, I’ll kill for him. Ride and die for him.” (Tim Westwood TV)

Along with disses from Young Buck and Gillie Da Kid regarding the leaked 2006 image, 50 Cent previously took a jab at the rappers on his song “Part Time Lover.”

“Its more than your body baby d*mn it’s your brain,” Fif rapped. “You make me wanna kiss you like Baby kiss Wayne and make you call me daddy like Baby do Wayne/D*mn that sh*t sounds gay, it’s insane/I guess that’s the price the lil n*gga pays for fame.” (“Part Time Lover”)

Baby has been known to support Weezy in all of his ventures including the upcoming album Rebirth.

“My son is a rock star,” he said in an interview. “He can rap, he can sing, he’s just an artist…I don’t think no one will ever be greater because I don’t think no one puts in the time or the quality. If someone do come along, can you imagine what he’ll have to do? He got to put out on thousand mixtapes, do a thousand records [and] sell 100 million records. 2Pac, Jay-Z and Biggie didn’t get to the sh*t Wayne’s done.” (Vibe)

He has also released records and an album with the “Greatest Rapper Alive.”

Baby broke out on his own with Baby aka the #1 Stunna in 2002. After the album’s release, he oversaw an urban footwear collection for the Lugz company, narrated the video game Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition, and appeared in the 2005 movie Beauty Shop. Three years after his solo debut, Birdman released his second solo album, Fast Money. In 2006 he teamed with his “surrogate son,” Lil Wayne, for Like Father, Like Son. (All Music)

Check out Baby’s interview with Tim Westwood below:

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