Baby Books A “Slim” New Cash Money Venture [Video]

Baby Books A “Slim” New Cash Money Venture [Video]

Cash Money Records co-founder Bryan “Baby” Williams has revealed that he is taking his company to new heights, expanding into the world of book publishing.

According to the Birdman, venturing into book publishing is a natural progression for his brand, and even purchased the works of one of the most well-known, urban scribes.

“We publishing books,” Baby revealed in an interview when asked about Cash Money’s latest business venture. “We bought Iceberg Slim‘s whole collection. I’m just trying to grow as a team with the publishing company — with the books and with the movies, that’s going to be our little different entity. We grab hold and try to be an enforcer. It’s all circle entwined with entertainment. I didn’t want to go too far outside the entertainment so I think the book is something that could go with the music. The publishing goes with the music, the merch goes with the music and the music goes with the music so we stay within our realm to me. But always trying to grow and expand to do different things. We’re just trying, bruh.” (Niteside Nite Cap)

Birdman recently said he was in negotiations to become an owner of the Miami Dolphins.

Reports are surfacing that owner Stephen Ross is looking to add to his VIP minority boardroom, and the latest candidate is none other than the Birdman, a founding father of Cash Money Records and the man who discovered Lil Wayne. “It’s in [the] works,” he told Angela Yee on the Morning After Show on Sirius Radio. “You have to get clearance from the NFL and we’re waiting for clearance. Once we get clearance, we good.” (NBC Miami)

However, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross later said Baby lied about pursuing team ownership.

Birdman apparently isn’t at all involved in the approval process he said he was, according to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. “I have NEVER spoken to him or any representative,” Ross said in a statement released by the team. “Not considering or looking for any celebrity limited partners.” That is interesting on multiple levels. First, it shoots Birdman out of the sky. Secondly, it means Ross is taking a break from the search for more celebs to fill his suites and walk the orange carpet at Sun Life Stadium. Finally, a note to Birdman: Thanks for the wild goose chase. (Miami Herald)

Earlier this year, Baby talked about owning an oil and natural gas company.

“I’ve been in the oil business about 4 or 5 years now,” he revealed in an interview. “That’s something me and my brother decided to do outside of music. I read about oil a lot and I was able to get in business. [My company] is called [Bronald] Oil, and I’m making good money off that; that’s something for my kids and my kids’ kids. They can live off that money forever. I did a few different deals. That was just one of them. When you’re dealing with oil, you buy in different areas. Right now I’m active; I got pumps and sh*t that are getting money monthly. I like that oil sh*t. I’m gonna put some more time into it.” (Ozone Magazine)

Check out Baby’s interview down below:

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