B.o.B. Speaks Early Retirement Rumors, “I Didn’t Quit Anything” [Video]

B.o.B. Speaks Early Retirement Rumors, “I Didn’t Quit Anything” [Video]

Atlanta rapper B.o.B. has clarified rumors about hanging up the microphone for good, revealing the frustations found within the music industry.

The “I’ll Be in the Sky” rapper also discussed his stance in hip-hop.

“I didn’t quit anything,” B.o.B. said in an interview. “I’ve always had music in my life, at the top of my priority list. It does get frustrating trying to be as free as possible but at the same time working with people…At the end of the day, everything is relationships. I really had to understand that making music is great, but if you’re music can’t get anywhere and you can’t cooperate with people…At the end of the day, if you don’t have talent, no one’s gonna care. That’s where my focus is, I’m back to the basics…It’s the ‘music business’…The two sides, they work together, it’s a love/ hate relationship. They work together for full 360, to get the music to the people. I’m willing to go that far just for the sake of these notes that we put together.” (MTV News)

B.o.B. previously spoke with SOHH about clarifying rumors of his parody-based “Autotune” song being a diss towards T-Pain and Lil Wayne.

“It’s definitely not like no diss or nothin’. It’s really what just came out, honestly,” he added. “I was just freestyling and the lyrics were just funny to me. Really, I was just trying to be funny. I really wasn’t trying to impersonate nobody specifically, but, it’s just what came out.” (SOHH)

The rapper has stressed the importance of music over the industry’s focus on profits in various interviews.

“From here on out, I’m tryin’ to make music,” he said in an interview. “I’m not trying to make ring tones, I’m not tryin’ to make club busters; I’m just trying to make music. You know what’s crazy? Haterz didn’t even start out as a single, which is so funny – I did it, just havin’ fun, makin’ music, and it ended up gettin’ out there. And ‘Haterz’ was a song, like I said earlier, attackin’ all the haters.” (DJ Booth)

He has collaborated with a variety of rap acts including T.I. and Outkast.

B.o.B has a unique talent in that he produces, writes, raps, arranges, and mixes his own music. He is a one stop music creation shop from top to bottom. This allows B.o.B the rare opportunity of recording with reckless abandon. It is a freedom that he willingly accepts. “I am constantly coming up with songs and concepts because I want to sound different. Nobody made it by sounding like everyone else.” This unique sound caught the attention of two industry heavyweights, Jim Jonsin and TJ Chapman, who are poised to make the rest of the world believers. (Atlantic Records)

Check out B.o.B.’s interview about retirement below:

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