“B.o.B.’s Totally Revolutionizing & Probably Creating His Own Category Within Music”

“B.o.B.’s Totally Revolutionizing & Probably Creating His Own Category Within Music”

After Grand Hustle’s B.o.B. made summer headlines for getting named T.I.‘s official Akoo Clothing brand ambassador, SOHH hit up the company’s marketing director Jeff Belizaire to learn more.

In explaining what embodies a brand ambassador, Belizaire said Bobby Ray has joined an elite class.

“Our ambassadors have to simply embody one thing,” Jeff told SOHH. “We call it, internally, the ability to stand alone. We want to identify individuals who stand alone in their category. So whether it’s sports, whether it’s baseball, whether it’s music, there’s something about that person where he is doing something that no other person in that industry or category is capable of doing. He stands alone. So if you notice from our lineup, Curtis Granderson who represents the best of the best when it comes to being in centerfield in baseball, being on one of the best teams on baseball, the New York Yankees, he obviously represents that. Hosea Chanchez, being a part of the number one rated television show on BET, he obviously represents that.” (SOHH)

The company’s marketing director also went on to say the Atlanta rapper stands by himself within the music industry.

“B.o.B., he’s totally revolutionizing and probably creating his own category within music,” Belizaire added. “He’s probably the only one doing what he’s doing in his category and industry. So that’s what we’re identifying and that’s what our ambassadors represent.” (SOHH)

Not only attracting music heads, former NFL champion Deion Sanders recently told SOHH he is a huge fan of B.o.B.

“You know who I like? It’s a young kid. B.o.B. from Atlanta,” Sanders told SOHH. “I’m not going to say he’s underrated but I’m feeling B.o.B. I like him, man. I met him recently, I got to hear him perform and he’s really good. He really has something to say. He’s a good kid. I mean, he’s a good kid that’s got something to say in his music.” (SOHH)

In July, B.o.B. became the official brand ambassador for T.I.’s Akoo Clothing.

Rapper B.o.B will soon be appearing on ads for T.I.’s fashion label, Akoo Clothing, after inking a deal with the rapper’s company. The “Airplanes” star is already signed with T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records and will now also become the brand ambassador for the label. “I’m looking forward to working with Tip (T.I.) and Akoo Clothing on more projects this year,” he said in a statement. “We want to continue to add new-ness to American music as well as push the envelop in the contemporary men’s fashion landscape.” (OMG Music)

Check out a past B.o.B. interview below:

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