B.o.B.’s “Strange Clouds” First-Week Sales Projections Decrease

B.o.B.’s “Strange Clouds” First-Week Sales Projections Decrease

Grand Hustle rapper B.o.B.‘s Strange Clouds album is still slated for a Top 10 debut next week, however, his first-week sales projections have slightly dropped.

Initially projected to push up to 80,000 copies, Bobby Ray’s sophomore effort estimated sales have slightly dipped.

Carrie Underwood will debut at #1 as Sony Music is set to occupy one half of next week’s Top 10, while nearly half of the Top 15 will be debuts. Here’s how it looks headed into the weekend: *Carrie Underwood (19/Arista Nashville) 270-295k *Norah Jones (Blue Note/EMI) 95-105k *Now 42 (Capitol/EMI) 95-105k Adele (XL/Columbia) 75-80k *B.o.B (Grand Hustle/Atlantic) 70-75k (Weakend Chart Preview)

Earlier in the week, B.o.B.’s estimated first-week sales projections emerged online.

Carrie Underwood’s poised for a #1 debut. Her new 19/Arista Nashville album, Blown Away, will top next week’s chart with estimates of between 275-295k. Grand Hustle/Atlantic rapper B.o.B’s sophomore album, Strange Clouds, is set for 70-80k in first-week sales. (HITS Daily Double)

He also hit up SOHH and gave readers his top five reasons they should buy the LP.

“This album is a lot more organic than the last album. I say organic because it’s something that really happens without the intent of being a hit or to be sold. It’s not a song that’s conscious of itself. It’s just a wavelength. I wanted to put a lot more of that on this album. I did a lot more of the production which is way more than on the first album. So, it just has more of an organic, natural feel. It has the sound and the effortlessness that my mixtapes have had, that some people have been missing since the first album. Everything is top-notch. Top tier quality.” (SOHH 5 Reasons)

The new solo effort features guest appearances courtesy of Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, T.I. and more.

1. Bombs Away (featuring Morgan Freeman) 2. Ray Bands 3. So Hard to Breathe 4. Both of Us (featuring Taylor Swift) 5. Strange Clouds (featuring Lil Wayne) 6. So Good 7. Play for Keeps 8. Arena (featuring Chris Brown & T.I.) 9. Out of My Mind (featuring Nicki Minaj) 10. Never Let You Go (featuring Ryan Tedder) 11. Chandelier (featuring Lauriana Mae) 12. Circles 13. Just A Sign (featuring Playboy Tre) 14. Castles (featuring Trey Songz) 15. Where Are You (Bob Vs. Bobby Ray) (Strange Clouds)

Check out some recent B.o.B. footage below:

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