B.o.B. Hopes To Put His “Adventures” On Broadway, “I Definitely Want To Do A Show”

B.o.B. Hopes To Put His “Adventures” On Broadway, “I Definitely Want To Do A Show”

Grand Hustle’s B.o.B. has expressed an interest in performing the songs from his upcoming Adventures of Bobby Ray album on Broadway stage.

The rap newcomer also envisions himself on television in the future.

“I want to do Broadway,” he said in an interview. “Like I definitely want to do a show [on] Broadway but call it like ‘The Adventures of Bobby Ray’ … do every song from the album but Broadway style, like we act a scene and it goes into a song. I feel like some artists, they become so much like personalities. Like Steve Harvey is kind of like–like young kids who were born in like ’94 or ’93 who don’t know Steve Harvey, [as the] comedian on ‘The Steve Harvey Show,’ [to them] he’s just a person, like a personality. I feel like at some point that’s what will happen with my career.” (XXL Mag)

Fellow rap rookie Kid Cudi recently talked about launching a career outside of hip-hop.

Kid Cudi’s first acting gig is for the new HBO series “How to Make It in America.” When we caught up with him last night at a screening for the show, we wondered if he’ll ever give up music for acting. “I’m trying to evenly balance them out right now, but eventually I want to leave behind music and just do acting,” he said. “I only got into the music business to tell my story and inspire some people. I think four albums will do it, and when I’m done with my four, five albums, I’ll switch it up. Once the story is told [musically], there’s nothing else to say.” (NY Mag)

B.o.B. is currently placing the final touches on his new album.

“As far as production, T.I. actually produced some stuff on the album,” Bobby Ray said in an interview. “Jim Jonsin, Dr. Luke, me, it’s a good combination…I actually worked with him as soon as he got out. He actually left and went straight to the studio apparently, so, I went in and worked with him some, we did some stuff for his album, my album. And you know, just really got in there to get in the vibe. Since he’s been released, he seems more, he has something to prove now. I feel like he has a deeper fire to his whole approach, it has more motivation. He’s a motivated person in general, but I feel he’s got a lot more now.” (Rap-Up TV)

Last month, the rapper talked about his label boss T.I. returning to the music scene.

“Yeah, I actually worked with Tip on some stuff from my album and some stuff from his album,” he revealed in an interview. “We came up with a banger–might I add that. He seems like he’s really focused now that he’s out, and he seems like he’s got something to prove. I’m excited to see what he’s gonna do, and I’m excited to see what the songs we made are gonna do.” (Hip Hop DX)

Check out a recent B.o.B. interview down below:

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