B.o.B. Drops Tyler The Creator Diss, “Keep F*cking W/ Me & You Ain’t Gon’ Have No Future” [Audio]

B.o.B. Drops Tyler The Creator Diss, “Keep F*cking W/ Me & You Ain’t Gon’ Have No Future” [Audio]

Grammy-nominated rapper B.o.B. has decided to defend himself in light of recent disses by Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator on a new record called “No Future.”

On the record, “Bobby Ray” makes multiple references to Odd Future being rookies in the rap game and warns them of further assault.

Not everyone is an Odd Future fan. Rapper B.o.B. released a diss track Friday morning (Mar. 25) taking aim at the Los Angeles rap collective, on which the Atlanta rapper seethes, “Keep f**kin’ with me you ain’t gon have no future.” “You see the sh*t I gotta deal with from these beginners?” B.o.B. asks on the beginning of “No Future.” He closes out the track with, “Body blow, upper cut, I do more than bruise ya/Keep f*ckin with me you ain’t gon have no future.” (Billboard)

The track reportedly represents B.o.B.’s response to Tyler the Creator’s “Yonkers” diss.

B.o.B took aim at the upstart on Friday (March 25) with a fiery dis track titled “No Future,” a response to a line the California rapper issued on his breakout “Yonkers.” “What you think of Hayley Williams?/ F— her, Wolf Haley robbing ‘em,” Tyler raps on the song. “I’ll crash that f—ing airplane that that f—-t n—a B.o.B is in/ And stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus.” (MTV)

Following its release, Tyler shared his reaction to the record.

“Whoa. I Don’t Think The ‘No Future’ Song Is Even A Diss. But, Ive Never Heard Him Spit Like That. Took Me By Surprise, Cus Its Tight,” Tyler tweeted Friday (March 25).

“Still Hate That Airplanes Song Tho. It Has The Same Chord Progression As F*cking ‘Love The Way You Lie’ And That One Song By Katy Perry”

“Actually, All The Music Now Days Have The Same Chord Progression, With That Dumbass Techno Synth, Or Like, Garage Band Drums.” (Tyler the Creator’s Twitter)

Outside of beefing, Tyler recently revealed his admiration toward rapper groupie Kat Stacks.

“Dude, I want to f*ck her so bad,” Tyler the Creator told Nardwuar. “I want to be on that list of rappers that f*cked her so bad. Kat Stacks. Return my calls, b*tch.” (“Nardwuar”)

Check out “No Future” below:

B.o.B – “No Future” (Odd Future Diss) by One Thirty BPM

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