B.o.B. Clarifies “Autotune” Parody, “I Wasn’t Trying To Impersonate Nobody Specifically” [Video]


After releasing his parody-based music video “Autotune” via the Internet, SOHH got a hold of Atlanta rapper B.o.B. to find out if it was a possible diss record for artists like T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne.

Known for dropping last summer’s popular record “Haterz Everywhere,” the Sourthern-bred emcee has been unleashing new music as of lately including “Autotune” where he sarcastically pays homage to the voice-changing plug-in.

“I’ve been having a flu this whole week so I’ve just been at home,” B.o.B. told SOHH. “I saw this video that was on “Saturday Night Live” that T-Pain and Ludacris did — and they were kinda joking about autotune and all of that, so I was like, ‘Wait, let me do my own autotune sketch.'”

With the rapper’s brother recording him via a flip camera, B.o.B. takes the opportunity to use a flow similiar to Weezy and Kanye West, which has stirred gossip that the song may be targeted at them.

“It’s definitely not like no diss or nothin’. It’s really what just came out, honestly,” he added. “I was just freestyling and the lyrics were just funny to me. Really, I was just trying to be funny. I really wasn’t trying to impersonate nobody specifically, but, it’s just what came out.”

Aside from the new track, B.o.B’s buzz has continued to increase since recently being featured on XXL Magazine and going head-to-head with T.I. on their collaboration “I’m Dat N*gga.”

“I definitely feel like I hold my own [on that song],” B.o.B. declared. “Me and him have this on-going competition so I’m waiting until we get back in the studio so we can settle it.”

Working on his new album likely to drop next summer, Who The F#*k Is B.o.B. is currently available via mixtape circuits.

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