Azealia Keeps Her Word, Banks On “Heavy Metal & Reflective” [Audio]

Azealia Keeps Her Word, Banks On “Heavy Metal & Reflective” [Audio]

New York hip-hop artist Azealia Banks is living up to her own generated hype by releasing the much-anticipated new “Heavy Metal and Reflective” this week. #banksshot

After teasing fans about the track last week, the song sprouted online Sunday (July 27).

Azealia Banks has shared her first new track since she parted ways with her label Universal. In “Heavy Metal and Reflective”, which just leaked, she references “Billie Jean” and Tamagotchis, among other things. The single is out officially tomorrow via a label called Azealia Banks Records. (Pitchfork)

Banks claimed the track intially reached the masses without her permission.

“oy!! “HEAVY METAL AND REFLECTIVE” LEAKED! It’s okay because y’all need that new new anyway! Go find it and start shaking ya a**!!!,” she tweeted July 27.

“‘It’s some sex sh*t, I be wit that Betty w/ that bubble n them breasts’, I be lookin very jiggle jello n them dresses'” (Azealia Banks’ Twitter)

Azealia jumped onto her Instagram page to release a new teaser a few days ago.

Clad in a helmet, neon bodysuit, and motocross goggles, Banks tears up the desert on the back of a dirt bike in the brief clip. She turns to the camera and flips the middle finger while her hair whips in the wind. “‘HEAVY METAL AND REFLECTIVE’ is an ASS-CLAPPERRRRRRRR !!!!!” she said of the song. “All the big butts, little butts, fake butts and real butts gonna be clapping for their LIVESSSSS.” (Rap-Up)

Reports last week revealed Banks would have a new record called “Heavy Metal and Reflective” coming together.

Touting that she is now a truly independent rapper and #freeagent on her Twitter, Banks announced the single title in a simple message on July 18: “‘HEAVY METAL AND REFELCTIVE’ is out 7/29,” she wrote before claiming she couldn’t wait to “finally start dropping these bangers!” Over the last few days, Banks has continually touted how great her new music video and song is online, claiming that it’s “honestly [her] best video this far” and that it will “make all your heads roll!!!!!” (Music Times)


Check out the new song:

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