Azealia Banks Responds After Massive F-Bomb Backlash

Azealia Banks Responds After Massive F-Bomb Backlash

New York rapper Azealia Banks appears to have opened a can of worms after taking jabs at openly gay gossip blogger Perez Hilton a few days ago, now catching the attention of GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

Speaking via a statement, the non-profit organization lashed out at Azealia’s usage of the term “f*ggot” in her online Twitter feud.

“Regardless of her intent or her personal definition, what matters is the meaning given to that word by those who hear it, and the damage it causes when they do. Undoubtedly there are gay kids who follow her on Twitter who hear this word in an entirely different context. This word is used almost universally by bullies, often as part of a larger verbal or physical assault. This word hurts those kids, no matter what Banks meant by it,” GLAAD continues, before listing incidents across the country that shows that “fa**ot” is used as “a derogatory word for gay men.” (Ace Showbiz)

Banks has since responded to GLAAD’s issues and questioned the hysteria.

“Glaad and all these others need to give it a break… Picking and choosing when to be offended….. Pfffft, as f*cking if.,” she tweeted January 7th.

“As if all “derogatory” words are not now in 2013, simply just expletives.”

“These words get used, in movies, books, songs, films……”

“It’s just all so hypocritical. And while I DO feel bad for using the word…. It’s kind of weird/ironic to see it all play itself out.” (Azealia Banks’ Twitter)

Reports of her issues with Hilton came into light on Saturday (January 5).

Azealia Banks has been involved in countless Twitter beefs, but she may have gone too far this time. On Friday night, Banks went toe-to-toe with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, on Twitter, after he expressed his dislike for her beef with Angel Haze and for her apparently not wanting to work with Rihanna. Both exchanged loaded words, many of which were deleted, but all came to a halt when Azealia tweeted a gay slur directly at Perez. (Billboard)

Her fellow Harlem, New York friend/rapper A$AP Rocky revealed his strong stance against homophobia last year.

“I don’t give a f*ck about your business,” ASAP Rocky said in an interview. “Man, if you’re gay we can be friends. If you’re straight, we can be friends. I’m not gay, I don’t plan on being gay, I don’t condone it and I’m not sayin’ I’m against it. I really don’t give a f*ck and I don’t think anyone should care about what another man’s preference is… unless he’s interested, if you know what I’m sayin’ … Who gives a f*ck? — I like women. I love women. I’m not going to not be your friend because you like men. As long as you’re a great person and, aside from that, y’know, you don’t bother me and make me uncomfortable, then let’s be friends, dude. It doesn’t matter. You don’t see people for being gay. People need to leave gay people the f*ck alone. Like, who cares? If you still care about sh*t like that you need to just hang yourself like the rest of them KKK motherf*ckers. For real. Who gives a f*ck?” (Spinner)

Check out a recent Azealia Banks interview:

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