Azealia Banks & Rap Foe Officially Dead Beef: “It Just Shouldn’t Have Happened” [Video]

Azealia Banks & Rap Foe Officially Dead Beef: “It Just Shouldn’t Have Happened” [Video]

New York hip-hop artist Azealia Banks can scratch off one female emcee from her line-up of overnight music foes as Detroit rapper Angel Haze has revealed a disinterest in continuing an early 2013 feud.

In a recent interview, Haze publicly spoke out on regretting her spicy war of words with Banks and wished her nothing but the best.

“I’m a 20-year-old girl and sometimes I get a little aggy at other girls who kind of, like, throw a little shade here and there like, as far as I’m concerned, it’s totally over,” Haze said in an interview when asked about Twitter feuding. “I don’t really care about it and I wish her the utmost success and it just shouldn’t have happened on such a public platform, so that’s all I regret.” (FUSE TV)

The remarks reportedly sparked a positive reaction from Azealia.

Azealia acknowledged her comments, tweeting, “@angelhaze thanks for being nice in ur interview beotch. I know you don’t hate me ;).” (Azealia Banks’ Twitter)

Shortly after the early January feud took place, Angel apologized for going at the New York artist.

“I really do apologize for all of the stuff that has happened recently,” Banks said in a video, “’cause like, I don’t like the fact that I was a bully in a certain way and I don’t like the way that I came off — I came off as a bully. I came off as a bully. Okay, whatever, anyway, thank-you and I love you and I thank you for supporting me and I’ll see you guys when I come out.” (YouTube)

Last summer, Azealia admitted she did not like resorting to Twitter to air out her personal issues with artists.

“Of course, because it’s e-thugging… Who wants to look like that? But how else am I gonna reach y’all? I don’t have a T.I. to get on a radio show and defend me; I’m the one behind me. Y’all expect me to agree like, “Oh yea, I’m wack. I only have one song.” That’s one song y’all n*ggas don’t f*cking have. You might win some, but you just lost one.” (VIBE)

Check out Angel Haze’s interview:

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