Azealia Banks Keeps Her Promise, Days Of “Twitter Terror” Finally End

Azealia Banks Keeps Her Promise, Days Of “Twitter Terror” Finally End

New York hip-hop artist Azealia Banks has appeared to keep her word about swaying away from Twitter terror for good as all of her tweets seem to have disappeared.

While details are still scarce, speculation has developed which suggests Banks may have left Twitter for good.

Azealia Banks has ended her reign of tyranny on Twitter, sensibly handing control of her Twitter account over to her management after endless rants and offensive tweets. The rapper has clashed with a number of individuals on the social network, including fellow rapper Angel Haze and Perez Hilton, plus posted a number of offensive messages about other stars during the early days of her career. Banks has also deleted every tweet she has every written in an attempt to start with a clean slate. “My days of twitter terror are about to be over,” she posted in her last personal Twitter update. “I have to turn over my password.” Even this post has now been deleted, and despite her Twitter page revealing she has posted 17,000 tweets in her time, the only posts online at time of publishing this story are three links to Instagram posts. (Gigwise)

Buzz behind Azealia possibly ditching the social networking site once and for all surfaced last week.

Azealia Banks has made some waves with her Twitter rants, and it looks like the rapper could be ready to step away from her social media soapbox. The “212” singer tweeted (then deleted) on Friday: “My days of twitter terror are about to be over. I have to turn over my password.” It’s unclear why the Harlem-based artist sounds ready to relinquish control of her Twitter account, but perhaps it’s for the best. (E! Online)

A week prior, Banks went after fellow Harlem artist A$AP Rocky over comments he made about dark-skinned women wearing lipstick.

“Lol @ asap rockys lipstick advice.,” she tweeted April 10th.

“Some people should just come out of the closet.”

“So rocky takes a direct blow to my image about dark skin and purple lipstick, then as soon as I’m a offended …. I’m the bad guy.”

“Typical day in the life of AB.” (Azealia Banks’ Twitter)

Last month, Azealia publicly put her problems with Roc Nation’s Rita Ora on Twitter.

The rapper and singer have been playing the Future Music Festival throughout Australia. While they seemed to be getting along, their friendship quickly turned sour after Azealia suspected that the “R.I.P.” singer was trying to intimidate her. “Ever since I arrived on this tour Rita’s been going out of her way to try and intimidate me,” tweeted Banks, who just released her new single “Yung Rapunxel.” “Taking all these candids of me when I wasn’t looking, then posting and deleting them like a weak b*tch.” Banks called Rita “thirsty” and accused her of climbing over the wall of her dancers’ dressing room to photograph her. (Rap-Up)

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