Azealia Banks Exposes Angel Haze’s Bluff: “Diplo Just Calls Me – She Wrote That Months Ago”

Azealia Banks Exposes Angel Haze’s Bluff: “Diplo Just Calls Me – She Wrote That Months Ago”

Music newcomer Azealia Banks is not going out without a fight, now exposing rap rival Angel Haze‘s new “On the Edge” diss record, which she claimed to pen in only 20 minutes.

According to Banks, popular producer Diplo told her Haze already had the track penned back in 2012 and did not seemingly put it together in a matter of minutes.

“One last comment about this whole angel haze thing…. Take note that there is NO MENTION of todays twitter spat in her diss track…. Lolol”

“Further proof that you’ve had this WHACK diss track ready FOR MONTHS. #LOSERRRRR”

“I’m bout to rip this b*tch’s head off and toss it in the cauldron .”

“So diplo just calls me and tells me she wrote that track months ago and he had nothing to do with it.,” she tweeted Friday (January 4).



“Lol I def used that energy to write a fly new jam tho. It’s not even really a diss anymore! Haha !!!”

“Just straight fly uptown NYC sh*t!!! “NO PROBLEMS” – 12pm !!!!!!” (Azealia Banks’ Twitter)

Rather than deny the accusations, Haze lashed back and hinted at a falling out they had last year.

“Lol, so fraudulent. You know what happened between us months ago and if you want to pretend its all just twitter beef, fine.,” she tweeted back.

“At the end of the day, I was the only b*tch who bothered to be nice to and speak well of you. On the inside, we all know what’s real, b.”

“And the only thing I can do as a person is applaud you for your success and ignore you when you’re ignorant. It’s all a game to you. Night.” (Angel Haze’s Twitter)

Angel appears to take shots at Azealia and references Diplo with “On the Edge.”

“/B*tch I’m from the 313/Whip the f*ckin’ meat cleaver out like who want beef/F*ck you gonna do with this Diplo flow/Dissed you on own your sh*t, you should dip low ho/Wait, I want you b*tches so scared that your mental break/So you forever be broke with expensive taste/I bet you won’t leap, ol’ frog a** b*tch/P*ssy a** Courage the Cowardly Dog a** b*tch/Hold up” (“On the Edge”)

Yesterday, Haze boasted about penning the new track in only 20 minutes.

“My new sounds: On The Edge – Angel Haze … on #SoundCloud,” she tweeted.

“Lol. Any response that is not in the form of a song is null and void.”

“20 minutes. It took me nothing but a hairflip…a real one.” (Angel Haze’s Twitter)

Check out “On the Edge”:

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