Azealia Banks Bashes Pharrell For Doing Her Dirty: “Lite Skin N*ggas Are Funny”

Azealia Banks Bashes Pharrell For Doing Her Dirty: “Lite Skin N*ggas Are Funny”

New York hip-hop artist Azealia Banks has singled out The Neptunes’ Pharrell Williams and blamed the hitmaker over being responsible for her “ATM Jam” record not being well-received by critics.

Banks resorted to social networking platform Twitter to put Williams on blast.

“The reason ATM jam did poorly is because pharell changed his mind about wanting to be associated with me after he had his lite skin comeback,” she tweeted November 12.

“Lite skin n*ggas are funny.”

“But f*ck it what’s new? Azealia banks having to scrape claw and fight for what she wants. This is normal for me now.”

“The minute I feel like I should give a f*ck and stop talking sh*t the good lord reminds me that no one else gives a f*ck and neither shuld I”

“If no one gives a f*ck? Why should I?”

“Giving a f*ck, f*cks sh*t up for me.” (Azealia Banks’ Twitter)

The record premiered over the summer and features Pharrell on the hook.

Following a live performance of the song at Glastonbury last week, Azealia Banks has shared the studio version of “ATM JAM”, her collaboration with Pharrell, via New York’s Hot 97. That song is a single that’ll appear on Azealia’s very, very long-gestating debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste. “Hey yo, Azealia,” announced Hot 97’s program director Ebro Darden before playing the song. “When you get poppin’, remind them that Hot 97 was the first radio station in the United States to play your record ‘212.’” When. (Pitchfork)

Based on excerpts from an upcoming ELLE UK magazine feature, Banks calls herself the female Kanye West.

‘Kanye is a genius. Kanye and I are like the same person but boy and girl. We’re pulling from the same cloud, the same inspiration. We’re both Geminis, we’re the two premier avant gardists in hip hop music. It’s just me and him. I think our consciousnesses are swirling around each other in some weird kind of way…’ (ELLE UK)

Azealia also discusses how she’s able to remember words when she raps.

‘It’s muscle memory, when you’ve done something over and over and over. When I’m writing stuff that’s really fast, I’ll speed the beat down to maybe 4 or 5 BPM, rap it at a different pace then speed it up.’ (ELLE UK)

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