Azealia Banks Attacks Funkmaster Flex: “Tell That N*gga Jim To Defend Himself – Have Yourself A Glass Of Fat-Free Water”

Azealia Banks Attacks Funkmaster Flex: “Tell That N*gga Jim To Defend Himself – Have Yourself A Glass Of Fat-Free Water”

New York rapper Azealia Banks has taken aim at Hot 97 radio veteran Funkmaster Flex and publicly scolded him for showing support to Dipset’s Jim Jones in light of their current feud.

Banks took to Twitter last night (August 14) and lashed out at the renowned radio deejay, who is known for his close-knit Diplomat ties.

“@funkmasterflex lol u old dusty fat f*ck.,” she tweeted Tuesday (August 14) night.

“Lol funk flex is a butch queen.”

“@funkmasterflex just join the #KUNTBRIGADE … You’re obviously Kunty Hunty.”

“@funkmasterflex tell that n*gga Jim to defend himself … You stay out of it and have yourself a glass of fat free water.”

“Lol funk flex loves to pick on women… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s FISH!” (Azealia Banks’ Twitter)

Flex also took to Twitter and initially tried to iron out the situation.

“@AZEALIABANKS you can call the radio station and we can settle this????,” he tweeted.

“I didn’t think Azalia would call!! New artist trying to make name off real artist!!#notkeepingit100.”

“Azalea just blocked me on twitter” (Funkmaster Flex’s Twitter)

Last night, Flex reportedly had some choice words for the Harlem hip-hop artist.

Just a little while ago on air, Funk Flex decided to #KeepIt100 with Harlem newcomer Azealia Banks. The raptress has already come at O.G.’s like T.I., Elliott Wilson and most recently fellow Harlemite Jim Jones over the word “vamp”. She even went so far as to record a diss toward Jim shortly after their Twitter exchange. So, Flex let her know on air she needs to chill with such behavior when her feet are barely wet. Of course she then saw a fit opportunity to go at yet another O.G., so she came at Flex accordingly. He attempted to get her on the phone, but you can see her response is quite amusing. She’s been deleting tweets left and right, but we’ve managed to catch them all. (In Flex We Trust)

Over the weekend, she put out her “Succubi” record directed toward Jones.

It’s getting hot in Harlem. Azealia Banks dedicates an entire diss to fellow Harlem rapper Jim Jones. Following their Twitter beef over the origins of the word “vamp,” the always controversial Banks spits fiery bars aimed at the Diplomat, who she dubs a “local fu**er.” “This ni**a’s a girl, you want diamonds and pearls, designer clothes, attention, and stares/ You’re a man though, why would you care,” she raps over the araabMUZIK-produced beat. “It takes a Harlem b*tch to execute a Harlem b*tch/ You pop sh*t, I pop sh*t, no problem b*tch.” (Rap-Up)

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