Azealia Banks Admits She’s “So Full Of S**t” Her Eyes Are Brown

Azealia Banks Admits She’s “So Full Of S**t” Her Eyes Are Brown

New York rapper Azealia Banks appears to finally be coming to terms with her outrageous viral image and admitted she is often too aggresive when using social media outlets like Twitter.

Banks experienced a brief moment of clarity on Twitter and told fans she should take a better approach

“Ugh, I’m like the nosiest person ever. I like CANNOT mind my business. . . . I love people too much.,” she tweeted May 19th.

“And I love talking. And hearing what people think.”

“Trust that my intentions are always good. I’m just really aggressive. :(“

“Aggressive because I care.”

“I need to be more Assertive and less Aggressive.”

“Sike, I don really give a f*ck”

“I’m so full of sh*t”

“I’m so full of sh*t my eyes are brown.” (Azealia Banks’ Twitter)

Prior to a recent return, Banks appeared to bid farewell to her days of Twitter “terror.”

Azealia Banks has ended her reign of tyranny on Twitter, sensibly handing control of her Twitter account over to her management after endless rants and offensive tweets. The rapper has clashed with a number of individuals on the social network, including fellow rapper Angel Haze and Perez Hilton, plus posted a number of offensive messages about other stars during the early days of her career. Banks has also deleted every tweet she has every written in an attempt to start with a clean slate. “My days of twitter terror are about to be over,” she posted in her last personal Twitter update. “I have to turn over my password.” Even this post has now been deleted, and despite her Twitter page revealing she has posted 17,000 tweets in her time, the only posts online at time of publishing this story are three links to Instagram posts. (Gigwise)

Buzz behind Azealia possibly ditching the social networking site once and for all surfaced a week prior.

Azealia Banks has made some waves with her Twitter rants, and it looks like the rapper could be ready to step away from her social media soapbox. The “212” singer tweeted (then deleted) on Friday: “My days of twitter terror are about to be over. I have to turn over my password.” It’s unclear why the Harlem-based artist sounds ready to relinquish control of her Twitter account, but perhaps it’s for the best. (E! Online)

Last summer, Azealia admitted she did not like resorting to Twitter to air out her personal issues.

“Of course, because it’s e-thugging… Who wants to look like that? But how else am I gonna reach y’all? I don’t have a T.I. to get on a radio show and defend me; I’m the one behind me. Y’all expect me to agree like, “Oh yea, I’m wack. I only have one song.” That’s one song y’all n*ggas don’t f*cking have. You might win some, but you just lost one.” (VIBE)

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