AZ Reached Out To Nas For “Doe Or Die 2″ Project, Says “I Haven’t Gotten Feedback As Of Yet”

AZ Reached Out To Nas For “Doe Or Die 2″ Project, Says “I Haven’t Gotten Feedback As Of Yet”

Rap veteran AZ recently hit up SOHH to discuss his relationship with fellow Queens, New York rapper Nas and the possibility of collaborating with him once again.

Known for their time together on The Firm, AZ said Nas has been hard to get in contact with most likely due to his recent publicized hardships.

“I mean, I reached out to him, uhm, I think he’s going through a couple of whirls, he’s going through a lot of situations so we haven’t really sat down and politic’ed and talked about everything,” AZ explained. “Actually, I did reach out for this Doe Or Die 2, that’s what I’m working on, the Doe Or Die 2 stuff. Raekwon did the Cuban Linx [2], and The Blueprint 3 and the Carter III and IV, so them sequels do good in the marketplace. So I’m trying to do this Doe Or Die 2, I reached out to him, I haven’t gotten feedback as of yet, but like I said, look at what he’s going through.” (SOHH)

Nas made headlines last month when his tax problems landed online.

Kelis isn’t the only person trying to get money from Nas — turns out Uncle Sam is too! TMZ has obtained a federal tax lien filed last month against Nas for a whopping $2,584,206.31. Looks like Nas didn’t pay his taxes in 2006 and 2007. Nas is currently involved in a bitter divorce battle with Kelis. Looks like she’ll have to wait in line. (TMZ)

A judge ruled against Nas over the summer and said he would have to pay over $40,000 to Kelis in spousal and child support expenses.

A day after welcoming a baby boy, the “Milkshake” singer, 29, was awarded nearly $44,000 in monthly support from her ex Nas at a hearing. He initially asked a court to deny Kelis any spousal support and then proposed paying Kelis a one-time payment of $20,000 until the judge could settle on an appropriate spousal and child support amount at a later hearing. But on Thursday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Louis Meisinger rejected the offer, stating that new mom Kelis needed more money per month to accommodate her new lifestyle. (Us Magazine)

AZ shares over a decade of musical history with Nas.

In the wake of his debut Doe or Die‘s critical success, AZ collaborated with Nas in the ill-fated supergroup the Firm and released Pieces of a Man (1998), another critical favorite. But for the most part, that was it from AZ for several years as he fell by the wayside, not surfacing in a big way again until a pair of Motown releases, 9 Lives (2001) and Aziatic (2002), that didn’t sell any better than his previous efforts. He subsequently took his music underground, periodically releasing albums such as A.W.O.L. (2005). (All Music)

No further details on Doe Or Die 2 have been released as of now.

Check out AZ & Nas’ “Mo’ Money Mo’ Murder” from Doe Or Die below:

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