AZ On Co-Starring W/ Ray J in “Envy”, “The Movie Was Sort Of A Spur Of The Moment”

AZ On Co-Starring W/ Ray J in “Envy”, “The Movie Was Sort Of A Spur Of The Moment”

New York rapper AZ recently hit up SOHH to discuss how his starring role in the new movie Envy and  his on-screen chemistry with the film’s co-star, Ray J.

According to AZ, he was initially cast to play a minor character in the film.

“Actually, the movie was sort of a spur of the moment type of thing,” AZ told SOHH. “I think for me and for him. I don’t remember, we shot that like three years ago. Actually, five or six years ago. But when I first initially went, I was told that they wanted me to be the club owner but when I got there, it was like ‘Yo, we like your style, we want you to be one of the leading characters.’ So I did it and they brought Ray J aboard and we just kinda clicked. It was some street sh*t, so there wasn’t too much to put into it.” (SOHH)

AZ’s latest film will feature him portraying a family relative of Ray J.

The film Envy follows the lives of two cousins trying to survive on the crime ridden, drug infested streets of Detroit. Alvin Clawson, ‘AJ’ (Ray J), grows up idolizing the lifestyle of his older cousin Charles Clawson, ‘Caesar’ (AZ). AJ has always been attracted to the streets despite his positive upbringing. As AJ gets older, he quickly finds himself playing a major role in Caesar’s illegal operation. Federal indictments, murders, and betrayal are raging in this world. When Caesar’s position is challenged, a message has to be sent. Caesar comes up with a plan to teach his rivals a lesson. What he doesn’t anticipate is the overwhelming power of greed and jealousy. (Hip Hop Press)

The movie features appearances by established actresses including Lisaraye.

E1 Entertainment announces the release of the action film “Envy,” starring R&B superstar Ray J. The movie is loaded with stars such as AZ (“Belly”), Lisaraye (“Beauty Shop,” “The Player’s Club”), and Maia Campbell (“In The House,” “Poetic Justice”) and is Executive Produced by Dez Walker and Ray J. (Market Wire)

To promote the film, AZ will be hitting the New York City stage for a mini-reunion with Foxy Brown.

Former Firm members Foxy Brown and AZ will reunite in New York City for a rare performance together. Brown and AZ will hit the stage to perform during the DVD release of the movie Envy at New York City night club S.O.B.’s on Thursday December 10th. Foxy Brown and AZ will be joined by DJ Absolut, who will work the turntable during the evening, which will also includes surprise performances. Tickets for the show are on sale now and are priced at $20 for a limited time. (All Hip Hop)

Check out a trailer for the film below:

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