AZ Applauds NY Rap Newcomers: “Big Ups To All The French’s & A$AP’s”

AZ Applauds NY Rap Newcomers: “Big Ups To All The French’s & A$AP’s”

With New York rap newcomers blowing up like A$AP Rocky, Azealia Banks and French Montana, SOHH recently reached out to Brooklyn hip-hop veteran AZ for his take on the new school.

Excited about the flurry of fresh hip-hop artists from his neck of the woods, AZ said it is only right New York once again welcomes in some much-needed attention.

“The game’s constantly changing,” AZ told SOHH. “It started in the East Coast and then it grew, which is good. Hip-hop is just a culture of communication and it’s the culture that we live in. I’m glad it grew and for it to just come back on this end [in New York], it needs to come back on this end, actually, just because we all have things to say. Big ups to all the French’s and A$AP’s because they’re doing what they do and they’re doing it well. They’re bringing the attention to the table which has allowed everybody to do their thing.” (SOHH)

The hip-hop wordsmith also dished out his studio work ethic as of late.

“I’m cut from that cloth as far as when it comes to that music,” AZ added, referring to his studio work ethic. “My work ethic in music, it’s from the cloth. We from that witty wordplay [era]. With me writing, it’s about having the proper music and it’s automatic for me. That’s really my thing. I’m usually writing in the studio or I’m on tour, maybe taking it easy. I’m on a workout now, [laughs], it’s about the mind, body and soul. I’m in a good space right now.” (SOHH)

Earlier this month, fellow Brooklyn rapper Fabolous talked about hip-hop artists across the board needing to modernize their music.

“It’s a different generation and even though it’s on an upswing, it’s on the upswing of this generation. I don’t think it’s ever going to be the 90s/2000 New York, and people might have to rationalize with that and accept it,” Fab said in an interview. “It’s only going to be the New York of now. It’s still a staple for music, it’s just that the music coming out of here hasn’t been the strongest because New York music is not dictating a sound anymore. I don’t mean to say that our music is wack, it’s just not the number one sound right now. Right now, ‘Ratchet’ music is mainstream. New York’s music used to be street, gangsta music. That was our ratchet music.” (XXL Mag)

Bad Boy Records’ French Montana recently crowned himself the hottest rapper in hip-hop.

“I don’t understand what people want me to say. I know my work,” he said confidently. “I know that I’m the hottest in the game with no album out. Let’s get that clear.” In terms of album’s content, French explained that he was making exactly what the kids want to hear. “I make ignorant music,” he declared. “I grew up in an ignorant generation, so that’s what they wanna hear now, the ‘Ocho Cincos’ — they know everything word by word.” (MTV)

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