ATL Stompin': Keri Hilson Vs. Killer Mike

ATL Stompin': Keri Hilson Vs. Killer Mike

This week, we’re going to see who really puts on for their city! Today, we travel to Atlanta to find out if Keri Hilson can rock out a victory or if Killer Mike has a deadly plan in mind. Whose list gets the props? You decide!


Poll Results

Kanye West is on my list because lyrically and production-wise, he’s incredible. I like people who take risks. Kanye West is one of those people that does it very well.

OutKast. They represent group evolution. They’ve shown how to sustain through multiple eras and multiple years, unlike any other group. They are the only group you can [compare] to Run-DMC. No other duo can you put in the circle of Run-DMC and have a debate on. That’s an accomplishment within an accomplishment.

Lil Wayne. There’s so many reasons. His lyrics and wordplay are incredible. I honestly believe at this very moment, he’s incomparable. I’m always amazed. I could hear [a Lil Wayne track] a million times and straight up until the millionth time, I’m still like, “Wow, really?” I keep on wondering what’s he thinking when he’s saying what he’s saying. His brain, it’s incredible. His stream of consciousness is crazy.

A Tribe Called Quest. They did for Black kids in the suburbs and brought hip-hop in a way [that’s] just now come into fruition. When you see these kids that are rebuking the darker parts of rap and are going toward that whole “I’m living my life and have dope a** beats” attitude, Tribe are the blueprint to that. Tribe made the blueprint for those shows that [bring out] 500 to 1,000 people.

Andre 3000. I am really awaiting his comeback to music. I also appreciate everything that he’s done. He’s very versatile.

The Clipse. They are the EPMD of our time. They are consistently consistent, making music that’s dope. Their music represents the pure, dope consistency in hip-hop. More groups need to look to EPMD and The Clipse.

Snoop Dogg. He’s a legend. For that reason only he belongs on my list. He’s an icon, served his time in this industry and has proven he has staying power. I believe if he wants to he can do records for ten more years.

UGK. This is a group made up of two Texas boys who got together with DJ Screw and gave Texas a blueprint that’s still feeding them today. Their music is hip-hop. On a deeper level, it’s soul music. It’s music that gets in your bones. It’s the closest thing to blues in rap music.

Cee-Lo. I was a huge Goodie Mob fan. I can even recite a couple of Cee-Lo raps. I used to love his flow and how soulful he was. I loved his voice, delivery and like I’ve said, I’m a huge fan of versatility and people that takes risks. He’s definitely one of those people.

8Ball & MJG. I would put 2 Live Crew in there as an honorable mention. They’ve had what some people would consider slips where there are arguments over which albums they like and don’t. But they are the longest running and most consistent duo acts, They aren’t even a group anymore, they’re a band. Just like The Rolling Stones, they’re still going on and I want to seem them performing at age 60.

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