Asher Roth Reacts To Eminem ‘A**hole’ Diss: “It Was Pretty Amazing” [Video]

Asher Roth Reacts To Eminem ‘A**hole’ Diss: “It Was Pretty Amazing” [Video]

Rapper Asher Roth recently shared his thoughts on being singled out by “Rap God” Eminem himself on a new Marshall Mathers LP 2 track and what impact it had on him.

Instead of being upset or wanting to lash back, Ash said he embraced the attention.

“How did I hear about it? I think Twitter first, a couple people hit me up,” Roth said in an interview. “It’s cool, man. I thought it was pretty amazing. I’m not going to lie. I didn’t take anything personal. There’s nothing really there. I’ve never met him, I don’t know him personally.” (Hot 97)

Roth also acknowledged his intent of referencing Em on his own “As I Em” record.

“No. No,” Roth added when asked if he dissed Eminem. “It was just like, when things were coming out everybody was just like, ‘Ah, Em, Asher, Em, Asher, Em.’ So for me, I just wanted to talk about how I was my own person. And that’s really all it was. And talking about when I was introduced to Em’s music when I was young, in seventh grade. Talking about that relationship, being inspired by an emcee.” (Hot 97)

On Slim Shady’s track, he name-drops Ash and throws a few shots at him.

“Quit actin’ salty, I was countin’ on you to count me out/Ask Asher Roth when he round-a-bout dissed me to shout me out/Thought I was history/But godd*mn honkey, that compliment’s like backhanding a donkey/Good way to get your a** socked in the mouth/Lay ‘em off it, but what the f*ck is all this thrash talking about.” (“A**hole”)

On Ash’s “As I Em” record back in 2009, he centers his bars around the Slim Shady comparisons.

” I was in seventh grade when I heard The Slim Shady LP /Yeah my mom brought it down when I was ironing, irony /Getting out the wrinkles, just a little kid in middle school /Sink my teeth in anything, to think I’m cool /Riding the bus, I feel the rush from “I Still Don’t Give a Fuck” /Yeah, I wish I could agree, but I’ve already had enough /I’ve already given up, from playing the same game /Every interview, feel like I’m saying the same thing /Like “Em was great, yeah he paved the way for me” /He was inspiration for everybody from A to Z” (“As I Em”)

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Check out Asher Roth’s interview:

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