Asher Roth Plans Extended Stay In Rap, “I’mma Stick Around For A Decade & Be A Voice For The Next 10 Years”

Asher Roth Plans Extended Stay In Rap, “I’mma Stick Around For A Decade & Be A Voice For The Next 10 Years”

Rapper Asher Roth has made a promise to stay in the rap game and continue to build a following of fans through 2020.

According to Roth, he wants to keep inspiring the youth and providing hope through music.

“I don’t wanna be one of those dudes that’s just like one, two three years, and I’m out,” Roth said, sitting in one of his favorite eateries, Hotel Griffou. “Make a quick dollar. ‘Let me go invest this in real estate.’ I see the opportunity to affect lives in a positive way. I see these 13-year old kids that get a hold of me and be like, ‘Yo, you changed my life.’ Am I 100 percent fulfilled? No. Not even remotely yet. But that’s a good thing. Hopefully, I’mma stick around for a decade and be a voice of the next 10 years. So when people look back, they said I actually added something instead of putting a pop song out that was popular.” (MTV)

Roth recently said he was working on a sophomore album with rap veterans like Q-Tip.

“Just finished with Pharrell for 12 days. We were in Miami just dickin’ around, just being a bunch of a**holes and making some really dope fun music for the new album,” he revealed in an interview. “I’m not going to release the title yet, just ’cause you know I want people to take in Seared Foie Gras With Quince And Cranberry for a couple months before I get them excited about the album. But, you know, working with Pharrell and Chad was a blast. I mean genuinely good, good people who are doing it for the right reasons. I was just out in Chicago working with my friends Twan and Evan, better known as Chuck and Mike of the Cool Kids. The next on the list is my man Q-Tip and go chop it up with him and just go make some dope music.” (XXL Magazine)

Last February, the rapper talked about what he wanted fans to get out of his next effort.

“We got a couple joints, couple ideas that I was working with,” Roth told television host Clinton Sparks. “But right now we’re just getting the ideas and vision correct, we got our ball of clay, but we haven’t started carving yet which I think it’s super important to get a battle plan and vision together, if you don’t have that, I mean, it’s always nice to have your plan and let it go where it goes. But to just step blindly into stuff, it’s fun but at the same time, that’s why we’re in Miami messing around, we got some friends down here. We got some friends that you wouldn’t expect but we’re in Miami with the Neptunes and we’re gonna be hanging out with them. I’m not the traditional, ‘Let’s get a radio hit out of you guys,’ it’s more for that esoteric sound. This album is going to be about bringing the earth and kinda the spacey ideas together. It’s about bridging the gap — but we’re here and that’s kinda where we are right now.” (Karma Loop)

He previously revealed his aim to drop the solo project on his birthday this summer.

“There’s no album title yet,” he revealed in an interview. “I talked to everybody I wanted to get on the album. I shared my vision with them…All the producers that are going to be on the album, I’ve sat down with in their living room before we got into the whole music making thing. That’s super important to any artist. It makes the creation process so much easier. The sound is going to give people feelings again…Ideally I’d like to release it on my birthday, which is August 11. That would be great, but I believe that’s a Wednesday and they try to stick to Tuesdays. But my first album released on a Monday.” (VIBE)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Check out a past Asher Roth interview below:

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