Asher Roth Explains Mainstream Music Hiatus, “We Had Some Real Issues With…” [Video]

Asher Roth Explains Mainstream Music Hiatus, “We Had Some Real Issues With…” [Video]

Newly signed Def Jam artist Asher Roth has opened up about the delay behind 2008’s Asleep in the Bread Aisle follow-up and admitted his own attitude caused the project to suffer a setback.

Roth said initial label issues ultimately forced him to sway away from mainstream exposure.

“We really had some issues and I really don’t want to use the word ‘politically,’ because that’s pushing the blame elsewhere. I definitely had some blame on myself with just being a jerk, and not cooperating, so to speak. We had some real issues with the powers that be,” Ash told radio host Bootleg Kev. “For about two years, we were pretty quiet on the mainstream and this is the information era. So, two years is a really long time, man. You should be gone, technicaly wiped away.” (Bootleg Kev)

Last November, Roth dished out the details behind his new Def Jam/SRC Records deal.

“We understand that Def Jam is ready to compete in a changing music business and a music business that’s changed drastically even since the last time I was out doing commercial music,” he said. “Def Jam has the mindset and resources to compete in this arena, and I know [SRC Records CEO] Steve Rifkind knows that. … From a historical standpoint, when they asked me if I wanted to be with Def Jam for these upcoming projects, it’s kind of a no-brainer. Major labels kind of get a bad rap — I think that if you can supply them with this new age school of content, content, content, and they’re willing to give you the freedom to do that using a major label strength and resources is a win-win.” (XXL Mag)

If all goes accordingly, Roth’s Is This Too Orange? sophomore LP will drop this March.

Philadelphia-based rapper Asher Roth has announced that his sophomore album will drop on the legendary Def Jam Recordings in March of 2012. The follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2008 debut album Asleep In The Bread Aisle, Roth’s first Def Jam offering promises to be a significant step for the young star. “Def Jam is a great place to call home,” said Roth. “I’m excited to get back to the basics with good, honest music.” (Market Watch)

A few days prior to the reports, SRC Records’ CEO Steve Rifkind confirmed the rapper’s new label situation and rebirth of Loud Records.

“I’m happy to be partnering with Def Jam on the new @asherrothproject let’s go @scooterbraun,” he tweeted November 18th.

“Not only are we partnering up with Def Jam on @asherroth album it will be under the LOUD RECORDS imprint” (Steve Rifkind’s Twitter)

Check out Asher Roth’s interview below:

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