Artists’ Predictions for 2008 Revisited, 50 Cent Will Beef & “Kanye Will Continue To Have Hits”

Kanye West

With 2008 officially coming to a close SOHH decided to look back at the predictions Scarface, Lyfe Jennings and Kevin Michael made one year ago to see if any ring true.

“Is [2]Pac going to release another album in ’08?” Scarface asked. “Maybe. I know me and Soulja Boy is getting ready to do some big shit. That I can predict.” 2008 did not see collaboration between the teenager and the Houston based emcee.

Columbia recording artist Lyfe Jennings predicted a change at the record labels, “I think that the industry is going to change as far as the type of artists that they sign. I think we’re going to see an end to the one-hit wonders getting signed to record deals.”

“I would hope that Lupe takes over in 2008,” Philadelphia based soul singer Kevin Michael told SOHH last year. Though Lupe Fiasco didn’t necessarily take over the game, he snagged an opening spot on Kanye West‘s critically acclaimed Glow In the Dark Tour and won his first Grammy Award for “Daydreamin'” his collaboration with Jill Scott in 2008. Lupe’s sophomore album, The Cool, was also officially certified gold this year.

Michael was right on target with his next few predictions however. “Kanye will continue to have hits. 50 [Cent] will continue to beef with somebody,” he said.

Following up the success of his 2007 release Graduation, this year West dropped a melody-based album called 808’s and Heartbreak, which contained the hit singles, “Love Lockdown,” and “Heartless.” After seven weeks on the charts, 808’s was certified platinum.

2008 also saw 50 Cent embroiled in multiple beefs. He and exchanged jabs and photoshopped photos with his rival Fat Joe early in the year and then released an embarassing audio recording of former G-Unit soldier Young Buck crying and expressing his confusion. 50 also got into a custody battle with his son’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins and even exchanged words with Donald Trump over his short-lived Apprentice like MTV reality show, The Money and The Power.

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