Arkatech Beatz’s Mike ‘Trauma’ D Analyzes Alley Boy’s ‘I Want In’ Anthem, “Could Be Cats Playing Chess”

Arkatech Beatz’s Mike ‘Trauma’ D Analyzes Alley Boy’s ‘I Want In’ Anthem, “Could Be Cats Playing Chess”

With recent buzz surrounding hip-hop newcomer Alley Boy allegedly taking shots at T.I. and Young Jeezy on his “I Want In” record, SOHH hit his close producer Mike “Trauma” D of Arkatech Beatz for a reaction to the situation.

Offering his opinion on the record, Mike said people may be looking too deep into it and not realizing Alley is merely proving his time to shine is now.

“Not really,” Mike told SOHH when asked if he was suprised by the “I Want In” lyrics. “It’s like the way I see it, and I can only speak for me, artists have been around for years doing their thing, eating well, doing numbers and it’s like the record is saying, ‘Let me in.’ It’s time. You know what I’m saying? It’s time for something new. It’s time for something fresh. It’s no disrespect. I guess it’s pretty much like the song says, ‘I want in.’ … He actually has two records with Jeezy. All I can say, and like I said this is only my opinion, it could just be cats playing chess. [laughs] You know, it could be cats playing chess. Alley Boy would definitely be the person to speak to to find out for sure.” (SOHH)

A few days ago, Alley Boy nixed speculation suggesing the record was gunning for Atlanta rap stars Jeezy and Tip.

“I did the ‘We Want In’ record,’ a lot of folks say its a shot at a ni**a man, but I don’t take shots man, when I take shots at a ni**a they gon’ be bleedin,'” Alley Boy said in an interview. “But at the end of the day, I say respect the way I feel about sh*t. I feel like f**k a ni**a, it’s my city, know what I’m saying? … Ain’t no bullsh*t in it, once I peep a ni**a character and I feel the ni**a aint real, I just go in on a ni**a, I dont give a f**k, its whatever, ni**as know what it is around the A.” (All Hip Hop)

Speculation on Alley Boy’s rhymes representing subliminal disses over specific references from the song followed its release last week.

“All that street sh*t? It’s over, game over/I’m the new king of the streets, no motivation, game over,” Alley raps, easily able to be presumed as disses toward T.I.’s nickname and Jeezy’s Thug Motivation album series. “F**k that snow sh*t/This hot sh*t/ In the A-town/This my sh*t.” (“I Want In”)

Mike D’s beats can be heard on Alley Boy’s new N*gganati mixtape.

After making street classics like “50 Bars of Poison”, “Rappin & Robbin”, “I’m Strapped” and more, Duct Tape Ent’s Alley Boy collaborates again with Arkatech Beatz on his new mixtape “N*gganati”. The song “Ain’t Loyal” produced by Arkatech Beatz, is a menacing record featuring Duct Tape Ent label mate Trouble. (Arkatech Beatz)

Check out Alley Boy speaking on “I Want In” below:

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