AP.9’s Claims Of Having Coco’s X-Rated Photos Confirmed: “Those Pictures Are Real”

AP.9’s Claims Of Having Coco’s X-Rated Photos Confirmed: “Those Pictures Are Real”

West Coast rapper AP.9‘s claims of having graphic photos of rap veteran Ice-T‘s wife, Coco Austin, have just received some significant support from a Los Angeles publicist.

According to PR/marketing head Nikki Baker, she has seen the alleged photos of AP and Coco.

“I went to Vegas over the weekend, for a friend’s birthday, so, that night, we get in, we get to this club — and she says to me, ‘You know who that is, right?’ And I’m like, ‘Nah.’ And she’s like, ‘It’s AP.9,’ and the first thing I think about is that I had just told two stories on him. But she says to him, ‘Show Pam the pictures you showed me.’ … I’m looking through this phone and I see the pictures of him and Coco,” Pam said in an interview. “And I am here to say those pictures are real. Okay, that’s what I can say about that. The next night we go to another party at the Hugh Hefner suite, might I add, where Rick Ross performed and afterward we were all down at the bar talking and I questioned him some more about the incident so he said he had no intention of showing the pictures until she came out and tried to make him seem like a liar or some sort of groupie.” (Reach Around Radio)

She also claims he received $500,000 for his tell-all interview with gossip-driven publication Star Magazine.

“What he did was an interview with Star Magazine, for $500,000, and he said he had to take a lie dector test,” Pam added. “He tells us he had unprotected sex with her, three times, three different times. … He also said that he had spoke to her mother and sister and they really liked him and that there was a lot of stuff going on in the house that we didn’t see in the reality show. So then I started asking questions about himself.” (Reach Around Radio)

The AP.9/Coco scandal has even caught the attention of G-Unit’s 50 Cent who recently discussed the controversy.

“You know what’s crazy though? That’s not the only thing I’ve seen like that though. I saw something with Ice-T. [AP.9], yeah. I’m just not for all that kind of sh*t, man. I’m not built for that. They’ve got to go. … From a male’s perspective, I think it’s a woman’s responsibility to not put herself in that position where she’s looking crazy. Like, he can say what he want to say because it’s making us talk about him right now. … Who’s fault is it? It’s her fault, right?” (Shade 45)

Last weekend, AP posted up a photo of himself and Coco to his Instagram page.

This AP.9 character is just disrespectful! Although, no freaky flick nor shots of CoCo’s bare buns have come from this scumbag, who claims to have smashed Ice T’s wife to smithereens, he continues to use the whooty to get attention. Thursday night, AP.9 posted a new picture of himself and Coco telling his Instagram followers that he was going to sell more photos shirts for his new “movement:” (Bossip)

Pam Nikki is reportedly a producer and PR/marketing extraordinaire. Her company does events and parties. She is also an on-air radio personality for Reach Around Radio.

Check out Pam Nikki’s interview:

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