Antonique Smith Talks About Capturing Faith Evans’ Style

Antonique Smith Talks About Capturing Faith Evans’ Style

Antonique Smith plays Faith Evans, R&B singer and wife of the Notorious B.I.G. in the upcoming biopic about his life. Here she talks about how capturing Faith’s style helped her to land the role.

In preparation for her audition for the Faith Evans role in Notorious, New Jersey native Antonique Smith studied Youtube videos of the singer and tried to emulate her laid-back fashion sense.  

“I put on a frumpy sweat suit because she was real chill going to the studio. That’s what I seen in the interview. So I said OK, I don’t want to put on a blond wig. I didn’t want to go over the top because I didn’t want them to go look at this girl trying to be Faith and it turn them off.”

“I put my hair in a bun and I made my face kinda extra pale,” she continued. “I walked in and Ms. Wallace said, ‘That’s Faith.’ Everybody who knew Faith in the room, they saw me and they saw Faith. They saw the Faith that they see at home.”

But just because she had the OK from Biggie’s mother, Ms. Wallace, didn’t mean that Antonique had landed the role. The films director, George Tillman, wasn’t convinced that she’d be able to nail the glamorous side of Faith.

“The casting director said, ‘Girl, fix your hair. Put some makeup on. Wear some tight jeans[and] some high heels. Put a little bright shirt on and come back in here.’ So, I did and then the rest is history.”

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