Angie Martinez Backs Up Funkmaster Flex, “I Still Think [Nicki Minaj] Should Have Performed” [Audio]

Angie Martinez Backs Up Funkmaster Flex, “I Still Think [Nicki Minaj] Should Have Performed” [Audio]

Hot 97’s Angie Martinez is riding with Funkmaster Flex in light of the recent war of words between him and Summer Jam no-show Nicki Minaj, saying the platinum-selling rapper should have still performed and resolved any issues Sunday (June 3) night.

Although she feels Hot 97 radio host Peter Rosenberg may have made a bad move by dissing Minaj’s “Starships” record at the event’s pre-show, Martinez still sided with her team.

“At some point, somebody could’ve stopped this. Behind the scenes, things happen all the time – it’s the truth. Labels argue with the station, we argue with the artists, we kiss, we make up. We all are just trying to do our jobs,” she explained. “It happened in the middle of Summer Jam when [Hot 97 program director] Ebro is dealing with a hundred artists [and] a million backstage passes. … I’m sure Nicki felt [disrespected] … [Rosenberg] probably didn’t realize it was going to be such a big deal, I think he was just in the zone. In my personal opinion, maybe not the best time to have said that when she’s coming to the building — but I still think they should have performed. It wasn’t that serious, and honestly, they probably would’ve resolved it if everybody had just calmed down.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”)

This week, Rosenberg killed speculation claiming he intentionally used Summer Jam to call out Minaj.

“In addition to the morning show, I do an underground show on Sunday nights, I host all of our showcases, I interview underground artists at my house, that’s kind of who I am,” Rosenberg said. “So when I went out there, I wasn’t really thinking about it, I was just trying to hype up all of the fans who were there to see Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, more of the underground acts. It just sort of came out. I did not anticipate the backlash.” (TMZ)

Despite his stance, the platinum-selling rapper said she still felt disrespected at the end of the day.

“I wasn’t going to do ‘Starships’ and I think everybody knows that,'” Minaj told hosts DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee. “I’m way smarter than that. I know what people wanted to see. I think it was just someone trying to be sarcastic — it was improper timing, it was in bad taste. Everybody makes mistakes but you’ve got to own your mistake. That’s the problem. When you don’t own it, then people feel like, ‘Oh, okay, you feel like you can do this in the future and get away with it,’ and that’s the problem. … I don’t want an apology. I don’t care about an apology. … ” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Monday night, Flex spoke to Nicki over the incident, ultimately coming to no real resolution.

“New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, what’s going on? So, today, New York City, I’m going to talk to Nicki Minaj. And I’m going to ask her everything we need to know. And we’re going to talk about this to the end,” Flex said. “I was tight, yesterday. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, I was in a place. I was seeing a color, a shade of–it was like a combination of burgandy and orange, at the time, if you can visualize that. … I then calmed down a little bit. Put another plan in action. Which we’re going to get to today. So we’re going to speak to Nicki Minaj in a little while.” (“Funkmaster Flex Show”)

Check out Angie Martinez’s remarks below:

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